14 Jun 2018 09:43:22
First four games of the season very winnable. Could have the perfect start before Spurs away in the fifth game. Makes a nice change from playing all the other contenders I the first ten games.

1.) 14 Jun 2018
14 Jun 2018 10:16:52
Agreed mate I'm quite chuft with that.

2.) 14 Jun 2018
14 Jun 2018 10:28:15
I don't know why but every single year we draw absolute stinkers for the December 29th - Jan 1st fixtures.

Arsenal (H) and Man City (A) in the space of 3 days is not easy!

The first 3 games definitely gives us an opportunity to get into some rhythm though. Shame the pointless international break will ruin it and we'll draw 3-3 to Leicester first game back 🤦‍♂️.