19 May 2018 19:36:55
7 out of 11 players for Man U today against Chelsea, signed for the club whilst Alex Ferguson was in charge. He retired 6 years ago (Sanchez, Pogba, Matic and Herrera the exceptions) .

Against Brighton, 7 out of 11 players for Liverpool signed for the club whilst Jurgen Klopp was in charge. He's been here 3 years (Lovren, Arnold, Henderson and Firmino the exceptions) .

Never underestimate the power of good recruitment. Klopp is taking us places šŸ‘.

1.) 19 May 2018
19 May 2018 20:24:41
Iā€™m not sure you can count Rashford and Lingard as being signed by Ferguson, they both came through the youth system.

2.) 19 May 2018
19 May 2018 21:07:54
Also would point out that some of those 7 in our team signed by Klopp have are being called to be sold so what you're saying is a bit random. Vvd Salah, Mane and Robertson the only ones safe from the supporters chop.

3.) 19 May 2018
19 May 2018 21:24:22
Well the supporters don't pick the team mate, and Karius, Gini and Solanke are going nowhere. So they should probably get over it šŸ˜‰

If you can't count Rashford or Lingard, Smeg (which you can in my opinion because Ferguson controlled everything at United from top to bottom and was more of a DOF) then surely we can say Arnold counts as a Klopp player because he was an academy player who made his debut under him? So that argument goes both ways.

The point is that Klopp is signing players to take us forward. United are still relying on Ferguson's players and products of his academy that he picked out as youngsters. Once his influence on the team and the Academy has completely dried up, they will be reduced to the likes of Lindelof, Pogba and Sanchez; and frankly, it is hilarious!

4.) 19 May 2018
19 May 2018 21:34:23
I disagree, Kloppshop. MKL is correct and there is nothing random about his post. The 7 players in our starting 11 vs Brighton were signed by Klopp and even tho some have been BOOM from day one, it took others time to get going while the rest are still contributing (like Klavan, Karius etc) even tho, someone like Karius still needs to improve. Those are the facts and facts are not random. They are stubborn.

5.) 20 May 2018
20 May 2018 00:06:23
Ferguson left an aging squad yes, but he left one that had just won the league. Klopp inherited one that was struggling in the league, changes had to be made. I'm sure bailly would have started to if fully fit, lukaku too, which then makes 6.
I don't see how it's hilarious that players are signed by a certain person. Really dislike mourinho and his style is awful, but he's still won more at United that klopp has at Liverpool, no matter how many players he has signed.