15 May 2018 01:09:30
To all the criticism for GK Butland from Liverpool supporters, take a deep breathe!
Football teams usually have on their roster 3-4 GK's.
Liverpool currently have Karius, Migs, Ward, and I'm I'm pretty sure Bogdan is still lurking like a leech somewhere in the club.
The last two names mentioned, im pretty sure we have not seen them play a game, apart from ward maybe in 1 appearance.

Im confident In saying Butland will be cover and maybe get carling cups games appearances if that or whatever they call the competition these days (Carabao) .
Butland would be suited to replace ward.

The probability of another GK coming in would also be high.

Good day.

1.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 06:06:51
You must be joking! Why on earth should butland join to sit on the bench? Why would we splash £30 mill on a cover?
A £30 mill player for couple of Carling Cup games? Lol
This blind ignorance is killing me!

2.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 07:26:45
I have no name - now I’m not particularly impressed with Butland myself prefer Pope to be honest, and would much rather double the money and try for Oblak who I believe to be one of the best in the world along with De Gea. Anyway signing another keeper is needed to push Karius to avoid the situation where there is no pressure on the no 1 spot ( look at joe hart) . Karius has vastly improved as the season has gone on much like our defence and I’m sure the more time they play together the more they will improve ( for a team that couldn’t defend and poor goalkeepers according to the media) I think we had the 3rd most clean sheets in the prem. so any new keeper no matter the cost will be a great addition to keep up the competition for the No. 1 jersey and keep their performances hopefully at a high level. Also more in terms of pope his team have just been relegated, where will he move? Why not Liverpool I’m sure he will fancy his chances there and united have De Gea romero, Chelsea- courtois, willy, City ederson and bravo, Spurs loris and vorm. Most fans want mignolet gone so there is room for another decent keeper.

{Ed001's Note - Pope is hopeless at distribution and utterly unsuited to playing in a team that does anything other than defend deep. He is also a Burnley player and they have just got into the Europa League, not been relegated. Are you sure you even have a clue who he is?

Oblak is another who struggles behind a high line, again utterly unsuited to us. At least Butland's strength is distributing the ball.}

3.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 07:54:37
I was thinking a bit along the same lines ed, the most noticeable difference for me from Karius and mignolet is him coming off his line and clearing. He's clattered a few recently and maybe he's too keen but at least strikers know he won't pull out. Really our keepers need to be ready to come out and clear, take crosses and save the odd shot. I imagine Katie's gets a lot more touches of the ball that pope has, so it's good he's comfortable with it. I haven't seen much of butland but if he's similar like that, then he should be good competition. Karius is still number one until proven otherwise though for me.

4.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 10:43:48
Who cares how much. if butland agrees, then who cares what his intentions are. He'll have to prove himself and so will loris.

5.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 14:05:14
People will debate over anything won’t they?!
If he comes he comes if he doesn’t he doesn’t.
I’m sure though, if he does sign, he will be told that if he performs in pre season and in training he will have as much chance as Karius. He’ll be coming to compete for the jersey not to play second fiddle.
Pointless judging him or the transfer now like many did with Mane, Ox, Robbo. let’s see if it actually materialises and how he does.
Oh yeah, and the cost is irrelevant.