14 May 2018 17:39:58
What the h*ck is the Butland situation people?

Ed will Sparky be back with his clues soon or not mate?

{Ed002's Note - You would have to ask Sparky, I am not his keeper.}

1.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 18:48:20
Butland is not a patch on Karius.

2.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 19:05:39
He hasn't even signed yet, and still he gets a Lot of grieve. When ox signed for us, everyone questioned him. Yet he has proven most wrong.

3.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 19:16:21

Unlike other positions GK doesn’t get rotated every week nor they get substituted during a match! Once a bench always a bench and we simply should avoid spending a big chunk on a very average keeper!
He will not prove anyone wrong from the bench or you should rate him above Karius which he is not!

4.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 19:17:40
I’m keeping an open mind on this one. Ox proved me wrong. So who’s to say Butland wouldn’t do well?

5.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 19:25:37
Why does everyone seem to care how much Butland may or may not cost? It’s not your money and the club knows how much they have to spend, if Klopp wants him then I don’t care how much he costs.

{Ed025's Note - your dead right smeg..

6.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 20:12:39
Spot on, Harry. Smeg, The cost is not the issue and is a false argument. IMO, he is not a patch on Karius and why would he come here to sit on the bench in place of a GK who he may rightfully think he is better than? No one seems to be answering that? A GK does not rotate any more than the normal Cup games as a no. 2 and he ain't coming in here w/ o some kind of guarantee that he will have a chance at the no. 1 shirt and that is a prob. for me cos he is NOT good enough to displace Karius and his play has shown that. He is overrated, average and error-prone. Karius is better athletically, has BIG GAME experience at a BIG club and is tailor-made for our system even tho, he can definitely still improve and get better. Butland is NONE of all that.

{Ed025's Note - you seem to have a very inflated opinion of karius brover and a very low one of butland, karius has done ok since being promoted to No1 but nothing more imo, if butland does go to liverpool i would see it as a 50/50 shout as to who would get the shirt, they are both decent keepers with similar ability for me mate..

7.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 20:37:17
Who is Sparky’s keeper?

Maybe Kirikou or The Nose can shead some light on the situation 🤫.

8.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 20:39:10
Ed25, you may think that is true and you are entitled to your opinion. I have seen Butland play a tonne and I have never been impressed with him and frankly, I have never been a fan. You may think it's 50/ 50 between them while I think Karius is comfortably the better GK even tho, he can still improve and has a higher upside and ceiling than Butland, IMO. Like you always say, it's all about opinions, in the end, right?

{Ed025's Note - totally right my friend..

9.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 20:31:04
Brover I agree with you, but we should be considering how Butland compares with mignolet, not Karius. The Karius vs Butland (or whoever we sign) Is for Klopp and his staff to decide once the players have had a full pre seasons etc. Right now it’s about finding an upgrade on mignolet to challenge or be back up to Karius.

10.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 20:42:18
Put any gk behind that awful Stoke team, with the amount of shots and constant pressure. And most importantly with I'd imagine next to no confidence. Id guarantee that they would struggle at times. Butland is a experienced gk for his age, who had amazing potential and was well sought after. I found myself on here defending potential signings of van dijk, Robertson and Ox. Even saw people question Mane and salah signings also! I think Edwards and Klopp have earned our trust, and just maybe behind a far better team and the klopp confidence effect Butland may fulfil that early potential.

{Ed025's Note - im with you coco..

11.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 21:14:44
Ron, just stop it, lol. TIA19, I agree with you as well. Your post is very nuanced and well thought out as well. Coco9, I agree that Stoke is not the best barometer to judge a GK BUT I have seen Butland even before he went there and he has not improved. Karius was at Mainz, perennial relegation fodder in Germany and in his final season, he was voted the 2nd best GK behind Neuer by his peers (who know a a good GK when they see one) . That team don't have a defence akin to the Berlin Wall either YET he managed to shine and lead them to the first time in their history. Also, Butland cannot be more experienced that LK cos LK plays for a BIG club, led the CL in clean sheets and is about to play a CL final. Butland has done NONE of those things so clearly, that statement is inaccurate.

I do trust Klopp on his signings esp. since he shut my gob when he made Ox eat my words (I did not want Ox here BUT I posted ad nauseum that he would get my support and he did) so no qualms there. As long as Butland's role is well defined then I'm good. Besides as Ed25 said, it keeps Karius on his toes and judging by the hell he has gone thru initially when he got here, I think he has the bottle to be cool with the competition.

12.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 21:21:33
BRover, I have to agree with Ed025, Karius has done ok so far and deserves more of a chance but he still has a lot to do to prove he can come close to being a world class goalkeeper. I think Butland can come in and push Karius to improve, if Karius doesn't rise to the challenge he's obviously not good enough. It's better to have 2 goalkeepers who are capable of being first choice, they will push each other to improve.

13.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 21:23:25
😄 I love the WDS stories and characters.

14.) 14 May 2018
14 May 2018 22:00:44
I’m sure if Karius is the best long term keeper he’ll prove it. Likewise for Butland if he comes in. Let’s just be glad we’d have a strong backup if the other got injured or struggled and hope we don’t have rotation and uncertainty with any changeovers/ rotation. I trust Klopp and co. have learnt from the Migs situation though.