29 Apr 2018 08:03:59
Eds, just reading that one of our old boys - Luis Alberto - has been linked with a move to Barcelona to replace Iniesta. Did he get that good after leaving us? If so, how did we fail to notice this?

{Ed001's Note - he is the only player with double figures in assists and goals in Serie A this season. He was very highly rated when he joined us, it was just that we failed to get the best from him.}

1.) 29 Apr 2018
29 Apr 2018 08:24:08
Holy C**p! Surprised to see Alberto doing this well.
If Barcelona sign the guy and he proves a worthy replacement for Iniesta, we will be kicking ourselves on this one, even more than Suso. Brendan really screwed up Aspas and Alberto for us.

2.) 29 Apr 2018
29 Apr 2018 08:25:45
Great for him, Ed. He reminds me of Aspas. He did not fully get his chance with us even tho, I always liked him when at Celta. Now he has gone back to Celta, has been scoring goals for fun since he got back (Barca are his biggest victims) and is near nailed on for Russia in the summer. Goes to show that a good player will always shine if given a full go in the team.

3.) 29 Apr 2018
29 Apr 2018 08:30:48
Hopefully our coaching staff have improved since then Ed’s, seems a shame that we missed out on seeing what the lad could do for us.

{Ed001's Note - they do seem a lot better, but there will always be players who just do not fit here and go on and have success elsewhere.}

4.) 29 Apr 2018
29 Apr 2018 08:44:57
I thought Coutinho was Iniesta's replacement 🙈. This kind of shows how his first few months over there are going. I wonder if he regrets leaving yet.

5.) 29 Apr 2018
29 Apr 2018 09:28:40
I thought the same Jayden. I'd love to know his thoughts on how we've done since he left lol hilarious. The grass isn't always greener on the other side, I think Coutinho is finding that out right about now.

6.) 29 Apr 2018
29 Apr 2018 10:07:02
Coutinho seemed quite happy to post photos on his Instagram with the La Liga league trophy (which he contributed very little towards winning) . Plus if we should win the CL he would probably get a medal there too.

7.) 29 Apr 2018
29 Apr 2018 10:39:26
I remember him being talked of as another Coutinho when we signed him.
He didn’t get/ earn his chance but the potential was obviously there. However, sometimes players just don’t suit our league and the “rough and tumble”.

8.) 29 Apr 2018
29 Apr 2018 10:53:24
Don't think pipco will regret leaving Liverpool he always wanted Barcelona from a child he won't be missing our weather too.

9.) 29 Apr 2018
29 Apr 2018 11:10:06
When we signed him from Barcelona b he was actually dubbed the new ineasta but because of his size Brendan Brendaned him into the alonso type player but since going to Lazio he’s back playing an attacking midfield role and guess what? He’s back to being the player we bought.

10.) 29 Apr 2018
29 Apr 2018 11:44:42
I remember when we scored 5 at White Hart Lane. Alberto played a lovely first-time ball through for Suarez to lob the keeper.

I know that every player we sign can’t make it but some never get a chance and others get picked week after week when they continue to make errors and cause goals.

Alberto, Aspas and Suso are the ones mentioned. I think the same will happen with Harry Wilson too.

11.) 29 Apr 2018
29 Apr 2018 12:09:40
Aspas was dreadful. I can't believe how short some people's memories are, he was absolutely shocking.

12.) 29 Apr 2018
29 Apr 2018 13:08:06
Talking of Aspas, I read an article about him the other day and apparently he’s a right little s**t, has been since youth level. I also heard that during his time here the only word he learned was ‘yes’. So although Brendan is liable for the majority of his Brendan-ing, I don’t think the failure to the get the best out of Aspas is solely his fault.

13.) 29 Apr 2018
29 Apr 2018 13:08:41
Not every player does well when they change clubs. Bergkamp was dreadful at Inter Milan. The environment, style of play etc matters.
I for one don't really get bothered when players leave the club and shine elsewhere. I want every player to reach their potential. With or without Liverpool.

14.) 29 Apr 2018
29 Apr 2018 16:19:28
I think the only one I'm gutted about getting away is Suso, he had it, we knew he had it, he was capable of top level football with us, yet didn't get his chances and I find it a real shame but I'm happy for him that he's now found his feet.

Aspas just wasn't good enough for us, I was chuft to see the back of him to be honest.

Alberto, it just didn't work out, it happens. I'll be honest though I still don't rate him massively, I mean I know he's scoring goals AND assisting them so the stats look good and all but almost everytime I've seen him play he's looked lazy to me and looked like one of those players who tend to play good when they feel like it? maybe I'm wrong I'm just going on what I've seen which isn't tons to be fair to the lad but he's not wow'd me much, if at all.

For him to be even mentioned in the same sentence as Iniesta's replacement is incredible imo, nobody can replace Iniesta lol Just like nobody can replace Silva at City, he goes, they lose a hell of a lot of quality in one player, same goes for Liverpool with Firmino, these players are irreplaceable.