22 Apr 2018 21:34:43
He’s only gone and done it.

Congratulations Mo!

1.) 22 Apr 2018
22 Apr 2018 22:05:21
I think it was pretty Obvious. You can't score 30 odd premier goals from a wide position it's Ronaldo esc but to do it with ONE penalty. It can't be done.
Ridiculous numbers from the lad! Congratulations to him he's been twice as good as the excellent Kevin De Bruyne.

2.) 22 Apr 2018
22 Apr 2018 22:17:30
Made up for our Egyptian king, he’s been simply phenomenal this season. Player of the month 3 times in a season, of course he deserves it. Well done mo 💪.

3.) 22 Apr 2018
22 Apr 2018 23:25:25
A don't think it was ever really in doubt, not been biased but personally nobody else deserved it but salah. Well done salah lad now go on and break these records lad YNWA.

4.) 23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 10:32:17
Yeah, chuffed for him. Chuffed the pros made the right choice. Kdb can have no gripe losing to a record breaking goal scorer imo.

5.) 23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 10:40:01
To beat De Bruyne shows how good he has been as De Bruyne has been brilliant. This will really boost the lad's confidence for the remainder of the season. Shows that there always was a great player there, he was just badly managed by Mourinho. I can see Martial going the same way at United.

6.) 23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 19:01:26
Sorry, KDB is never going to beat a guy who has scored 41 goals in 43 games. MO all the way.

7.) 24 Apr 2018
24 Apr 2018 10:03:20
BRover you need to look only PL stats, but yeah you are right 31 in 35 is still awesome! And 10 assists if I am right.