20 Apr 2018 19:53:16
Eds what may be the reason behind LFC's 18/ 19 season slogan "THIS MeANS MORE"with letter "e" typed in lower case? Any specific reasons that you are aware of?

{Ed002's Note - Looks like a typo. It is simply a flakey marketing tag line created by the kit manufacturers.}

1.) 20 Apr 2018
20 Apr 2018 23:04:37
I think it's an early announcement of Emmanuel eboue, he has like 4 es in his name, must be that.

2.) 20 Apr 2018
20 Apr 2018 23:38:52
Emmanuel Emenike has more, must be him.

3.) 21 Apr 2018
21 Apr 2018 06:45:04
Maybe it’s a dig at Everton as they are a lower class team so the e is lower case to indicate this?

{Ed001's Note - it is saying Me (as in you the person who reads it, wears the clothing whatever) means more. Crappy marketing slogan. Seen it before and never seen the point in it. We have Shankly to call on if the club needs a rallying cry to get people behind it.}

4.) 21 Apr 2018
21 Apr 2018 11:02:29
I assume it means more than 'Me'?

5.) 21 Apr 2018
21 Apr 2018 11:03:56
Graphic designers don’t do typos on strap lines. Even the type face will mean something, to them - if not obvious to anyone else!

6.) 21 Apr 2018
21 Apr 2018 11:04:36
Though, it is flaky nonetheless. Might as well have written 'MAKeS US LOOK COOL'.