26 Mar 2018 10:10:01
Hate to give a blue credit Ed025, but your man Niasse is an inspiration.

I've been bored on international break so I've been on a lot of the official club sites reading various articles. There is one on Everton's site about Oumar Niasse and how he had to work on a construction site as a kid, to buy his own boots!

Puts everything into perspective when you see what people will do just to play a game they love. We really do take things for granted in the first world.

{Ed025's Note - your right MK, things have changed in my view for the worse and iconic things in football like your infamous boot room are a thing of the past, myself i thought the idea of apprentices cleaning the first team players boots was a good grounding for kids and was the first rung on the ladder, now things have changed and i know i might sound like an aal arse but there is a definite lack of respect, i remember listening to lee dixon saying that when he was a kid he used to have to call the pro,s sir and wish them a good morning when they passed by at training, he went on to say that when he enters arsenal now the young players dont even acknowedge him and stride about the place like they own it in their hoodies and earphones, its sad really and i think there should be a wage cap on these brats who should be schooled in respect mate..

1.) 26 Mar 2018
26 Mar 2018 20:07:25
Fully agree ed25. Sometimes, it sounds awful but they need to be knocked down a peg or two and earn there right/ place. They have it to easy and have nothing to aim for. Money is with them to young now and it goes to their head.

{Ed025's Note - i agree max mate..

2.) 26 Mar 2018
26 Mar 2018 20:25:31
Agree Ed02 young players get far too much too soon. Some even believe their own hype and actually harm their careers. Jack Rodwell is a good example. He seemed to be building up a head of steam at Everton and should of remained there but his ego or bad advice convinced him he was a world beater. He moved to city and well I can honestly say I don’t know where he is now.

{Ed025's Note - jack was at sunderland last time i checked scootinio, and it looks like ross barkley and francis jeffers before him have had the same sort of problems mate...im ED025 by the way mate..

3.) 26 Mar 2018
26 Mar 2018 20:37:51
Sorry Ed I missed the 5. I knew it was you that’s why I used Jack as an example you being a blue. Typing too fast on an iPhone. Dan Goslings another one although he went to Newcastle I believe. Never understood that at the time and still don’t.

{Ed025's Note - he thought running his contract down and becoming a free agent and demanding a huge pay hike would work scootinio, everton had other ideas and he was let go and hes now at bournemouth mate, probably earning less than he would have if he had stayed at everton..

4.) 26 Mar 2018
26 Mar 2018 20:48:09
That’s my point Ed025 they seem to think they’ve made it as soon as the press hype them up. A salary cap would be a great idea as they would then consider playing time over money which in turn would aid their development and probably help the national team as well.

{Ed025's Note - it would mate, and it should be graded by age instead of throwing millions at kids with half a brain, lads like flanno and billy kenny before him would not be such wasters if they were kept in line when younger..

5.) 26 Mar 2018
26 Mar 2018 22:24:27
why I'm proud of lfc, our players are helped to become decent young men. Tbf utd were like that under fegie too. also, Dixon is a bit of a dick.

{Ed025's Note - but you will always get one bad egg in the nest superred thats only to be expected mate..

6.) 26 Mar 2018
26 Mar 2018 22:28:53
They just get given too much at a young age. They Don't learn to fight adversity. Niasse turned down a guaranteed contract in France because he wanted to prove himself at a trial in Turkey instead. Unbelievable desire to prove himself. Changed my opinion on him hugely. Might not be the best player, but to read about his journey! He has my utmost respect.

It is a shame the likes of Flanagan, Roswell etc fluff it when they have so much ability. That's a great insight from Lee Dixon by the way! Says it all right there.

7.) 27 Mar 2018
27 Mar 2018 02:21:38
Of course ed025,

8.) 27 Mar 2018
27 Mar 2018 02:34:53
Isn't Roswell a UFO, MK? Shame he wasted his ability, truly was out of this world.

9.) 27 Mar 2018
26 Mar 2018 23:27:46
Funny thing is Ed025 I bet the likes of fowler went home and bragged to his mates he’d just cleaned Rushies boots. How times have changed. A young lad in my area not going to mention names was a youth prospect st Liverpool and extremely highly thought of and I personally witnessed the kid running around with the dealers and driving in a dangerous manner while kids were playing in the street. Now I see him getting picked up at 6 in the morning with steelies and a high vis on. Such a shame.

{Ed025's Note - quite a few go down that route im afraid scootinio, its a lack of discipline and the clubs need to do more, im very happy with the way everton are handling them by making them take part in everton in the community projects, they are sent out to help the elderly and disabled as part of their education, and even though some may still slip the net its a very good grounding for them mate..

10.) 27 Mar 2018
27 Mar 2018 06:04:05
Couldn’t agree more with your first reply Ed.

11.) 27 Mar 2018
27 Mar 2018 11:46:54
Didn't barkely sign for someone else? Who was that?

True about Rodwell. I always used to buy him in fifa 11/ 12 as a young midfield enforcer.