19 Feb 2018 18:17:32
Question for ed001 if I may. you mentioned the club sees TAA's long term future in midfield. Do you know what the plan is with him? Does he need to bulk up or gain more experience before making the switch? And lastly do you know by any chance how Klopp sees his situation? Thank you in advance and sorry if it has been asked already.

{Ed001's Note - he just needs experience. Klopp likes him a lot, hence why he is getting so much game time.}

1.) 19 Feb 2018
19 Feb 2018 18:52:18
And what type of midfielder is he does anyone know.

2.) 19 Feb 2018
19 Feb 2018 19:22:27

3.) 19 Feb 2018
19 Feb 2018 19:27:48
Plenty of time to figure that out dezy. But we know he is athletic and gets himself forward, so liklihood is liverpool will turn him into a defensive midfielder.

4.) 19 Feb 2018
19 Feb 2018 19:32:02
I think he can be a flexible type of player who could play anywhere on the right side, right side midfield, right back, an when he gets older with games, experience, quality and belief maybe he could play centrally, its great too have players who can play different positions when needed but not neglect strongest position he performs in, like fingers crossed big time David alaba.

5.) 19 Feb 2018
19 Feb 2018 22:34:02
either way it's exciting.
He could be the next idol for young local footballers look to.
But let's not rush him.
But it's exciting to watch him grow.

6.) 20 Feb 2018
20 Feb 2018 01:03:49
I think you're right hailstones. Our midfield is odd, sometimes they are 3 cms, other times we have one cm and a rm and a lm, they are flexible and that is what klopp likes. Hence Aoc, he can Play just about anywhere on the pitch.
He is young and a bit thin but klopp is giving him the experience like Ed says, Gerrard started at right back. I think he could probably play anywhere apart from cb gk and maybe cf. You remember Gerrard role behind torres, I see him like that, an attacking midfielder.

7.) 20 Feb 2018
20 Feb 2018 03:40:24
He’s deceptively good at accelerating into space, so while not perhaps a dribbler like a Lallana, I think he’s got a good appreciation of space, movement and capable of lung busting runs to create chances. He’s also got a great delivery on him, and a quality strike. I think he’ll make a cracking box to box midfielder.

I actually think he may also end up being very similar to Gerrard in style (and hopefully in time in quality! ) if given time to mature. He looks capable of running the passing game, then breaking forward to score goals.