10 Feb 2018 12:16:54
Ed1, if I could have your opinion please mate regarding the summer transfer window. If we only got one player in, what position would be your priority? (don't get me wrong I am sure we will get more then one player) GK, RB, CM, Couts replacement? for me personally it'd be that position in that order, I think a GK is needed should we be able to get rid of 2 of our current ones that is (Migs, Bogdan/ Ward) so I think we should prioritise a GK over any other signing.

Secondly would be a RB, move Gomez to the center to partner VVD, and push TAA up into the midfield. CM and a Couts replacement is important but in my opinion not AS important as a GK and RB. We already have Keita incoming who will be something special imo.

Just my opinion, thoughts please people?

{Ed001's Note - for me the goalkeeper is always the first priority when you build a team, so you have to get that sorted first. Keep goals out first then worry about scoring them.}

1.) 10 Feb 2018
10 Feb 2018 12:38:15
I can't decide yet. I want to give Karius the benefit of the doubt until May. We need to see serious improvements though, or i agree with you both, Salah and Ed001.

2.) 10 Feb 2018
10 Feb 2018 12:47:44
Im still happy to wait until summer before making a decision on Karius honestly, i know everyone here already wants him gone but who knows what might happen in the next 15ish games

Same goes for VVD and Lovren, i think given some consistency, especially with TAA and robbo alongside them, we could start to shut up shop a bit more

on the topic of full backs, Gomez and Arnold rotating makes me a lot more confident than Robertson and Moreno so id rather replace moreno than start moving players around the pitch

having said all that i think our midfield is lacking the most - just going off starting 11 alone i think our back 5 and front 3 is adequate but something about our midfield always seems off, im not sure i trust Keita to magically fix all our problems

A decision needs to be made on whether the players rotating with the front 3 are good enough too, as it stands - you might call me mad but Giroud would have probably been a really good player to have if we have needed to switch up our style for particular opposition but i wouldn't touch any other player similar to him, he appears to be professional on and off the pitch and undervalued imo - of the ones we have i think lallana can do a job when needed and ings hopefully but that's wishful thinking

im not really one who suscribes to the whole "replace Coutinho" bull, i think we are playing better without him on the whole but just lack those single game changing moments that he used to produce and personally id rather we had 2 or 3 £40M players that improve our overall squad than rely on one player to conjure up some magic - as it stands right now our whole season relies on us not sustaining any injuries - we must have the weakest bench in the top 6 and probably the weakest midfield too.

{Ed001's Note - I don't want Karius gone, but he is not a number one keeper, he is a very good back up. We need a top class keeper between the sticks and he has far too many flaws in his game to be that.}

3.) 10 Feb 2018
10 Feb 2018 12:55:05
I also want to see Karius given his chance, I definitely don't want him gone but I do agree with Ed there when he says he is not a number one keeper. Which is why I would prioritise the GK position.

I also agree, we don't NEED a couts replacement, not from what I've seen just yet, I mean sure it'd be nice if we could go and get Lemar (or somebody of that calibre) but I don't see that happening and to be honest we have other positions to worry about before that.

Very well said Ed1 'Keep goals out first then worry about scoring them' this is my point mate and I couldn't agree more.

{Ed001's Note - Shanks and Paisley always built from the back, I have seen nothing to suggest that modern football has changed that much that it should be thrown out of the window.}

4.) 10 Feb 2018
10 Feb 2018 12:58:41
I have to admit in my opinion I would be forgetting about the likes of Lamar and using the supposed money for him to try and buy an outstanding keeper. Migs is poor that’s been said enough but is Karius really that much better. I know loads will say he’s young but at 24, I think, he still doesn’t seem to do the basics well. On top of that is his mentality strong enough to be first choice keeper for a challenging side, he seems to go to pieces a bit too easy for me. Those that champion the line “well look at how poor De Gea was” should go back and look at the constant vile abuse he took, much worse than Karius got, but De Gea for me showed he has that great mental strength needed to succeed.
Forget more attacking options and for the first time in many many years go spend the money on the best GK we can afford. It will give great confidence to the defenders and midfield knowing they have a top man as the last line. My opinion, feel free to weigh in.

5.) 10 Feb 2018
10 Feb 2018 13:10:23
I still really believe that our midfield is the weak link though - while i do agree that our keepers havnt been up to scratch, i think our frailties defensively have made them look a lot worse

dont get me wrong, Karius isn't a keeper that i would expect to win the league with but i think he is better in his position than others are in theirs and given the choice of 1 single position to upgrade on id rather buy a midfielder.

6.) 10 Feb 2018
10 Feb 2018 13:13:15
An opinion I completely agree with Mcgoveb and Ed1.

7.) 10 Feb 2018
10 Feb 2018 14:56:32
We are scouting keylor Navas which says where the summer is heading to. Couple of cheap players at the back, A few hard core runners for the midfield. Players similar to Wijnaldum, AOC.

8.) 10 Feb 2018
10 Feb 2018 14:59:07
In taa and gomez we have some great rbs. I think we Will miss coutinio and his ability to unlock defences. Hopefully we can get lallana back soon as he has playmaker ability. I agree with Ed, we have the personnel of a pretty top defence and we need a top top gk to finish off the defence. Karius has has done 2 years and still makes silly mistakes. An improvement on migs? Yes. The answer to our gk woes, hasn't shown that yet. Saying that I think he has got better slowly and steadily.

9.) 10 Feb 2018
10 Feb 2018 15:48:21
If our scouts have watched Navas, hopefully they’ll note what a poor keeper he is. Hopefully.

{Ed002's Note - He is the one Klopp wants.}

10.) 10 Feb 2018
10 Feb 2018 16:04:23
Clearly Klopp enjoys seeing us concede soft goals by the sounds of it.

11.) 10 Feb 2018
10 Feb 2018 16:59:31
If Klopp wants Navas then everyone hold hands cos IMO, Navas is not the answer and since Ed02 has said Allisson is not on the table right now, we may have to suck it up and accept Navas is the guy if he comes.

I'm with Ed01 on the defence and how we should build from the back BUT Karius will not be here as no. 2 IMO, if we get another GK so as MK said, he will have to really stand on his head almost for the rest of the season, to change Klopp's mind about not going for a GK in the summer. However, his perf. overall vs Spurs is encouraging as bar the could/ should caught the cross, he was brilliant.

12.) 10 Feb 2018
10 Feb 2018 17:28:09
We can’t wait until May to make a decision on Karius because we will end up with no options in the window. We need to be making moves for a new keeper in the next few weeks.

13.) 10 Feb 2018
10 Feb 2018 18:20:42
Ed001. Navas seems to be getting hammered by most above. He ain't that bad is he?

{Ed001's Note - I am not a fan, he is a flapper.}

14.) 10 Feb 2018
10 Feb 2018 19:45:21
My sentiments exactly, Ed. Navas who I loved as a GK in the past, has regressed and is NOT the answer. Ron, regardless of what you nor I think, Karius has been given till the end of the season and so he will either fail or succeed on his own merits. If he does succeed and there are no GK options out there that Klopp can get or is willing to pay for (Oblak and Allisson are non starters, per Ed02) Karius will be the guy and that will be that.