09 Feb 2018 22:04:34
Ed001 / Ed002

Can I ask a hypothetical question please?

If Liverpool won the league this year (hence the hypothesis) and Barcelona win la liga

Would Countinho receive winners medals from both footballing associates?



{Ed001's Note - the clubs choose who to give them to these days mate, but he would certainly qualify for one from us, he would need to play more games yet for them. In theory though, yes he would.}

1.) 10 Feb 2018
10 Feb 2018 05:36:54
WOuld be very bittersweet to beat barcelona in the finals and offer him a medal 😎.

2.) 10 Feb 2018
10 Feb 2018 14:48:43
What is more possible is we win the UCL and Barcelona win the La Liga. So Coutinho can get both medals.