31 Jan 2018 18:05:43
The wife has just asked if I want to go out for food tonight.

I will be terrible company if I think I'm missing any news and she will not be a happy bunny.

Can I go safe in the knowledge that nothing is going to happen? Or is it best to get a take away and keep glued to the telly?

Basically. Are Liverpool trying to complete any deals today or has everyone gone home?

Cheers in advance.

1.) 31 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018 18:09:06
I would book a table mate.

2.) 31 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018 18:10:50
Have zero 'in the know' knowledge but id say go out!

3.) 31 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018 18:13:17
Treat the wife mate and take the poor girl out, nothing to see here I'm pretty sure.

Even if something does happen, they'll still be there at LFC in the morning, the wife on the other hand, may not :)

4.) 31 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018 18:15:53
Keep the Mrs happy. Nothing going to happen. Take your phone and have a read on here whilst pretending to go to the loo.

5.) 31 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018 18:16:14
You should go, mate.

Unfortunately, I doubt any kind of movement will happen in regards to players incoming. Outgoing, certainly. Markovic will hopefully leave on a permanent, though more likely a loan.

In the summer Liverpool will make moves for players, so good out, have fun, eat a delicious meal and be safe in the knowledge that nothing has happened tonight in regards to transfers. I wish I could offer you better news but I am a realist. Panicking at the end of a transfer window is something Liverpool used to do, now, with Klopp, the likelihood is we will wait and see.

6.) 31 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018 18:27:28
Not a whisper that I have seen with just a couple hours left, although ED002 says otherwise?

7.) 31 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018 18:23:25
Panicking is now a thing of the past and LONG may it continue. As for the OP, go out and have a blinder with your wife, man. You both deserve it.

8.) 31 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018 18:25:27
Maybe better to keep an eye on whether we end tonight closer to manU or further away from spura. Cos our useless squad did just extend our gap to 5th place.

9.) 31 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018 18:32:02
Ed002 didn’t say that, the guy said should he bother watching deadline day and ed said yes. He didn’t say anything about us trying to get any players finalised or that we are speaking with anyone. Think he was just winding people up a bit.
No incomings mate, go out. Treat yourself to a beer on a school night too.

10.) 31 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018 18:50:06
Ed2 is winding us up a bit I think lol but it makes it exciting because now I'm kinda almost believing somebody's incoming.

11.) 31 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018 19:27:45
It's a sad life if you reject going out for the night to sit and wait for transfer news, especially of signings that we're not going to make.
I get the impression many folks are more interested in transfer hysteria than the actual football being played!

12.) 31 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018 19:32:00
Go out cos we play Porto on Valentine's day and that may kick up a whole host of problems.

13.) 31 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018 20:12:12
Brillianr, Ben elf!