13 Jan 2018 22:57:47
Must say eds patience of a saint the last few days credit where its due. Question apart from the fact that klopp obviously doesn't think gomes is ready who do you think should partner virgil tomorrow to combat aguero.

{Ed002's Note - Lovren if fit.}

1.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 23:04:38
I would have said the same myself but lots on here would disagree.

2.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 23:13:43
Usually I'd of said Lovren, but going on Klavens form the past month or so he's really stood out to me so I'd have to choose Klaven. As long as it's not Matip, I'm happy.

3.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 23:30:48
Klavan got torn apart by city's pace before, I'd chose lovren - but most games I'd go with klavan.

4.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 23:43:28
Lovren. Anyone's better than Matip actually. Klavan is a LCB like VVD so they would not work well together since VVD is weak on the right side of defense.

5.) 14 Jan 2018
14 Jan 2018 00:33:10
Anyone's better than Matip.? If Matip plays, I hope he scores the winner just for you.

6.) 14 Jan 2018
14 Jan 2018 01:05:35
Have u seen Matip play? He is lazy, slow and cannot tackle. I would rather someone who at least tries. VVD and Matip will not work well at all.

{Ed0333's Note - the unfortunate thing is Matip looked the real deal when he first signed what a shame he fell into bad habits on the pitch could have been a real player for us Buzzer.

7.) 14 Jan 2018
14 Jan 2018 01:38:11
Agreed ed0333. i've always said when he joined he looked like a great player, then slowly just got lazier and lazier and got worse as time went on. I honestly think the quality of the players around him had something to do with it, but now is the present and he hasn't looked arsed for a long time.

{Ed0333's Note - The really good players rise above mediocrity and show their caliber Woolback. Matip had everything at his disposal, the physical attributes, talent and a coach who believed in him and he still hasn’t delivered. He still has time to pull his finger out let’s hope he does because there’s a player in there somewhere.

8.) 14 Jan 2018
14 Jan 2018 02:05:57
I still believe in matip. But tbh, our defenders haven't been doing too bad lately. Still, matip is better quality than lovren and klaven. Its going to be good to see matip with a quality partner. Having matip and vvd together will not only improve us defensively but make playing out from the back much more effective and they're much better for set pieces too. I would avoid using lovren and klavan in big games. klavan is too slow and lovren just lacks quality. These 2 struggle to keep up with the best of players. Good to have in the squad though.

9.) 14 Jan 2018
14 Jan 2018 03:37:08
Matip just needs a few iron bolts screwed into him to harden him up and he needs to cut the laziness.

10.) 14 Jan 2018
14 Jan 2018 02:13:58
I agree Ed - liked him when he first arrived and felt he just needed to get used to the physicality of the league, but he’s getting into bad habits of late and doesn’t tackle back and leave it all on the pitch like he needs to, he almost seems timid.

{Ed0333's Note - it’s at best disrespectful to the fans and the club and at worst he’s stealing a living. I hope VVD’s arrival wakes him up and we see the Matip of when he first arrived.

11.) 14 Jan 2018
14 Jan 2018 08:54:45
Well let's hope he has a good game then. Otherwise I predict the normal player bashing for a player that " used to be good but now anyone is better than" Maybe we could change the page to Liverpool bashing or Matip bashing or Can bashing or anyone who has a bad game bashing. By the way I'm not saying he's the best defender we've ever had but if he gets picked he gets my support.

12.) 14 Jan 2018
14 Jan 2018 09:07:58
This time last season we were raving about how good Matip was. He still has the attributes to improve with us especially now VVD will be alongside him. It's amazing how critical we are now of Matip but if someone mentions Henderson we are quickly reminded of his form from about 5 seasons ago. Amazing how we shift the goal posts for certain players.

{Ed001's Note - I wasn't raving about Matip. Excellent on the ball as he is, defensively he is awful, nothing to do with form, he just isn't a good defender.}

13.) 14 Jan 2018
14 Jan 2018 09:27:15
What I pointed out about Matip is true Farmerfc. He is a very poor defender and we ain't progressing with players like him. LOvren might actually do well along side a leader like VVD who organises the backline but Matip is just Matip no matter his partner. He lumbers around, fails to win crucial headers, gets turned inside out etc. You should pay more attention to him when the game is on and you will see what I am talking about.

14.) 14 Jan 2018
14 Jan 2018 09:48:35
IB I'm not saying Matip is any good but you have pointed out that Lovren might do well alongside VVD. So why doesn't that stretch to Matip might do well alongside VVD. In fairness I'm not sure why having VVD in there is going to stop Lovren making error after error and poor decision making by jumping into tackles he doesn't win. For me I would have Klavan there or even go as far as Gomez. Yes Gomez might be learning and make mistakes but we know Matip, Lovren and Klavan will definitely make mistakes in there next to the possibility of Gomez might make them centrally.

15.) 14 Jan 2018
14 Jan 2018 09:51:03
Yes I like Lovren too. I like all the players and I have stated in the past that Lovren and VVD might form a good partnership. What I don't agree with is saying that anyone is better than him. It's a load of rubbish. He's not the best we've ever had but he is decent. I don't agree with Ed. I think he is okay defensively but I think it's just a case of him not having the physical attributes to succeed in English football.

16.) 14 Jan 2018
14 Jan 2018 09:52:08
And I pay plenty of attention thank you. I'm just not into bashing any 1 player.

17.) 14 Jan 2018
14 Jan 2018 19:40:13
I too am hoping the arrival of VVD can improve Matip too. In his first 6 months we were all singing his praises thinking he was a steal so let's hope for a positive influence. Certainly VVD isn't shy in barking out orders on the pitch and would give him a mouthful if he slacks off. It's whether he wants to listen.