13 Jan 2018 14:27:06
Truly hope Ben Woodburn doesn't sign for Sunderland as they are so poor. His confidence will be shattered going up there.

{Ed025's Note - he will get game time and experience though TH, i think its a good move myself and will do more good than harm mate..

1.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 14:51:51
He needs to be playing and the toughness and physicality of the Championship will do him good. Sunderland don't believe he is their savior and if they do, they are in deep doo-doo.

2.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 14:56:27
Cracking move if he gets it, he will play and coleman knows the lad. Plus its a competitive league only downside is they don't play a similar style. Either way competive games ia better than sat at watching us play.

3.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 15:52:41
Sunderland are so poor an I mean poor I just think Woodburn is better than that sorry I'm sure there are better clubs for him to cut his teeth in.

4.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 16:09:05
Chris Coleman is a big fan of Woodburn and trusts his ability. I think it’s a good move if Sunderland stick with Coleman.

{Ed0333's Note - I don’t see how playing regular competitive football is gonna disadvantageous to the kid. He’s not even on the bench at Liverpool.

5.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 17:12:41
He'd of been better going to a decent championship club not a club that is getting relocated an run extremely poorly. Just my opinion I wish the lad well where ever hr ends up.

6.) 14 Jan 2018
14 Jan 2018 02:29:17
TH so you’d prefer he goes to a better performing club where he only gets marginally more game time.? What’s the point in that? At least at Sunderland he’lllikely get game time- that’s the whole point.