13 Jan 2018 09:06:54
Hi Ed’s, thanks for all the hard work you guys do!

Do you think bringing in Keita now means can will be sold in January rather than on a free in the summer?


{Ed025's Note - not in my opinion scouse..

1.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 10:02:42
I would rather keep Can Untill summer. As if kieta does arrive in January he can't play in Europe and will need time to adapt. And the rumoured £5m ish we would get now for Can I'd rather he stayed.

2.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 10:07:48
Can wants to go to Juventus, and his mate Khedeira is just making sure he doesn't change his mind!

The thing with Juve, is that they don't waste much money. They are very savvy in the market, and they don't tend to throw money at a player who they can sign for nothing in 6 months. So i think he'll be here for the rest of the season; that is unless Juve think that Can will help them to over power Napoli in the race for the title, of course.

If we get Keita and Ceballos/ Strootman (unlikely, i know) i don't get why we wouldn't just ask for a reduced figure though. Surely they'd pay £5-10m this January to move the deal forward 6 months? We are stupid enough to pay way more than that fast forward the Keita transfer 😂 Can wouldn't even make our bench if we signed those 2, anyway.

3.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 10:17:48
As you say they don't waste money so they will not offer Liverpool anything that makes sense for us to sell him now.

4.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 10:59:16
If we bring in Keita and Strootman, I’d let Can run out his contract and use him in cup games only and on the bench in the league.

5.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 11:08:54
I think Can will stay till the summer because we have a lack of bodies in the midfield area that can play as the deepest midfielder. henderson has become unreliable with his recent injury record and even if keita arrives that's not his most effective position imo.

6.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 10:10:15
Thanks for the reply Ed025,

Can you or any of the other Ed’s confirm if we have an agreement with RB to sign Keita now?


{Ed025's Note - i cant confirm or deny that at the moment scouse, it will depend on how klopp feels the club will cope with the loss of phil and whether the extra money they will have to pay RBL is worth it mate..

7.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 12:53:21
Keita coming does not affect Can In fact, Can has signed a pre-contract to join Juve in the summer so for sure, he will be here this season.