11 Jan 2018 13:54:33
Eds I'm unsure if you're now aware of the apparent player macca has suggested or not, but if you are, do you know if it's something we're trying to finalise for the summer? Or is it something we're trying to organise for now? My reasoning behind this question is top top quality players usually are fighting for some sort of trophy mid season and therefore may want to wait for a fresh season. cheers.
To put my two cents in to the guesswork. insigne or pulisic, but I'm unsure pulisic would be described as toptop quality, yet.

{Ed001's Note - I have no idea who it is.}

1.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 14:08:34
Fair enough ED, have you not been tempted to email him and find out? You're a better man than I am if so!
Or do you prefer the ignorance is bliss approach as every one on this site will be eager to know
Cheers and keep up the good work on this epic site.

{Ed001's Note - I much prefer not knowing or I would want to tell everyone if I knew!}

2.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 14:12:09
Not if it is a Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid player. Both out of the title race, and Real likely to join Atletico on the CL scrap heap once they face PSG.

I think it will be a big player from one of those clubs. Kroos or Koke and I'm in dreamland. Asensio or Oblak and I'll eat my keyboard. Macca has just cost me at least 50 hours sleep between now and January 31st 😂.

3.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 14:43:13
MK, the athletici part makes sense but I'd disagree with Madrid based on two things:
1. I doubt Real Madrid have the same defeatist attitude so won't be wanting to offload a player in the assumption that they go out of the champions league. And
2. I also doubt they would want to see Barcelona strengthen their team whilst real weaken their own team in the same window.
It's all guesswork right now though.

4.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 14:28:04
Much respect Ed, knowing your limits there! I'd be exactly the same! Well either way, at the very least it shows us fans that the club are going about it in the right way, rather than stockpiling players! Onwards and hopefully upwards.