08 Jan 2018 14:27:31
At least the thigh injury wasn't fake this time round. Coutinho is out for 20 days.
Hope this will lighten the hatred towards him.

1.) 08 Jan 2018
08 Jan 2018 14:42:49
Yeah, at least he only feigned injury at the start of the season 🤦🏻.

2.) 08 Jan 2018
08 Jan 2018 14:51:30
Don’t hate Phil at all but I think it also might have a lot to do with them waiting to shift Arda Turan so he can claim the number 7.

3.) 08 Jan 2018
08 Jan 2018 15:04:51
Really, unable to play for 3 weeks, then unable to play in the CL, title already wrapped up for Barcelona, Copa del Rey semifinals on 31/ 1-7/ 2.

Why would you not wait till 01/ 07 and help Liverpool to top4 and CL? Like, really?

{Ed002's Note - He didn't want to play for Liverpool, he wanted to leave, he handed in a transfer request. I am surprised you can't see it.}

4.) 08 Jan 2018
08 Jan 2018 15:39:57
My hatred personally is not aimed at couthiho. He's not the villan in this particular pantomime.

5.) 08 Jan 2018
08 Jan 2018 15:56:48
Look at it from Coutinho’s point of view, 6 months is a long time in football, serious injuries can occur and other players could catch the eye of Barcelona. Why would he wait for his dream move?

6.) 08 Jan 2018
08 Jan 2018 18:24:25
I can definitely see what he wants, I am just wondering why :D.

7.) 08 Jan 2018
08 Jan 2018 21:52:45
It's not hard to understand why, Whz. He wanted to go to Barcelona and was ready to move scorched earth to get there and use every ploy known to man to achieve his dream. How is this hard to understand?