14 Nov 2017 21:27:10
hi Ed001 I know we don't agree on Firmino's best position but I wondered if we agree on the defence. You stated in the summer it was too much to change most of the back four and the keeper for obvious reasons. But its now more apparent that drastic action is needed and we need a minimum of 3 new players in the back 5.

If we get one solid centre back in the January window I will settle for that. I am now strongly of the opinion that new player should take Matip's place. The first Spurs goal sums him up perfectly. No desire and no willingness to help the team. He is also so poor in the air for his size. I don't call him a defender anymore because he does no bloody defending.

{Ed001's Note - 3?? We need 2 right now, the right backs just need to be allowed to develop, left back is ok, we have keepers, they just need a chance. So that leaves the centre backs, who do desperately need upgrading, and I agree on Matip 100%. If we do nothing else, he has to be replaced.}

1.) 15 Nov 2017
15 Nov 2017 06:45:25
So you say replace Matip and not Lovren?

{Ed001's Note - no, both of us say Matip is the priority, not that he is the only one that needs replacing.}

2.) 15 Nov 2017
15 Nov 2017 07:32:04
Gomez replaces Lovren, VVD replaces Matip.

3.) 15 Nov 2017
15 Nov 2017 08:29:34
Honestly think klavan is most reliable CB out of the three, yes he's slow, but he wants to be there and puts it in, still has a mistake on him, but can't get close and physical with players, just lack do pace in behind.

4.) 15 Nov 2017
15 Nov 2017 08:29:44
Thanks ed001. 3 players are what I think will be needed by the start of next season (maybe it will include a defensive midfielder) . I will be more than happy for one solid centre back in the short term.

Main attribute needed, mentally strong and a leader.

{Ed001's Note - leaders seem to be few and far between these days, players no longer seem able to do anything other than what they are told.}

5.) 15 Nov 2017
15 Nov 2017 11:41:32
Out of interest Ed001 how much of that do you think is down to management styles, wanting to basically control everything rigidly and how much is down to just producing generations who are either incapable or unwilling to have that sort of think for yourself attitude? Or is there something else to it?

{Ed001's Note - both of the above and the academy system, which produces players who are indoctrinated into working with the modern tactical manager, who only wants chess pieces to fit into his tactical plan.}

6.) 15 Nov 2017
15 Nov 2017 22:03:11
Thanks for the response Ed001.