14 Nov 2017 14:47:51
Hi Eds and Reds,

Question for Ed1 if you're about mate.

What has the general opinion about Michael Owen been around the club not just since he left but before it too.

Also, what is your opinion on his comments about Man United whilst "embassador" for LFC? And would you strip him of this role? I'm astounded he was given it in the 1st place to be honest.

Any insight would be great, keep up the good work.

{Ed001's Note - the commercial dept love him, he was never a club favourite before he left though and his comments were not well received.

My opinion on him is that he was never one of us anyway. Constantly wearing an Everton kit to training as a youth player just showed contempt for the club, imo. If you are going to do that, it just shows that you have no respect for the club you are a part of. His attitude while a player was sickening, he was far more interested in his horses than football anyway.

I would never have let him near the club again to be honest, let alone as an ambassador. However the club will keep him because he is good for business and makes it money with his fake squeaky clean image, when he is in reality a nasty little turd. It just shows that the club is more interested in making money off people than what the club stands for.}

1.) 14 Nov 2017
14 Nov 2017 15:18:21
Thanks for the reply Ed1.

Not surprised to read that to be honest he's never seemed one of us as you say. Was unaware of the wearing the Everton kit to training! Luckily for him (and us on some occasions, FA cup final being one of them) he was talented then.

Disappointing that we brought him back to the club in any way and far more deserving players who are reds through and through. Out of curiosity how would he be making money for the club as opposed to any other ex player? He's not exactly a world superstar since warming Madrids bench is he?

Thanks again Ed1 keep up the great work.

{Ed001's Note - he is still one of the more recognisable ex-pros around, due to having played for us, the goal for England against Argentina and the fact that he would take anything to earn a few quid so endorsed everything and anything during his career.}

2.) 14 Nov 2017
14 Nov 2017 15:29:51
That is a pretty harsh assessment of Owen. I didn't know that about the Everton kit, he was only a kid at the time though. I have very mixed feelings about Michael. I agree with you that he is not as clean as he makes out. The fact he played for United is enough to hate him but we have to remember that these guys are professionals. Most players end up playing for quite a few teams in their career. The Gerrards and lampards are quite rare.

He was so good for us though, remember the F. A. cup final against Arsenal when he banged in two classic Owen goals and proper done Keown. I used to love him, I remember his first game in the Europa league qualifications. I think it was Sion we played. He was fantastic as a sub. I think he scored? did he Ed?

I don't get why LFC fans hate him. I don't mean any disrespect Ed01, you know I value your opinion. I know he played for UTD but he also played for us. We all love Paul eh? (that was the other way though, utd to lfc) He is one of the best strikers we have ever had, I always thought he would be a Liverpool legend, thought he would come back from Madrid after a couple of years. He ruined that by joining utd, hated him for that.

So he has become an ambassador for us? is he the only one? why not Stevie G?

{Ed001's Note - harsh? Not in the slightest. That was my nice take on him.}

3.) 14 Nov 2017
14 Nov 2017 15:37:40
I would have made Agger the club embasador over anyone. He is universally loved. Old or Young!

4.) 14 Nov 2017
14 Nov 2017 16:13:27
Shame about Michael Owen, remember him being a brilliant player until his hamstrings went and his ego took over.

5.) 14 Nov 2017
14 Nov 2017 16:36:26
lol ed01! yeah, I don't like him like I used to. Seeing him I a utd shirt made me feel sick, honestly.

He got blown out didn't he, ya know, he was finished by 25. His best asset was his speed. all we had to do was get Jamie redknapp to lob the ball forward and owen would get on the end of it. When his legs went he was well average.

I think he deserves ED01's criticism tbf, but we should also remember his magic when he was in his prime for us.

6.) 14 Nov 2017
14 Nov 2017 17:50:39
We all make decisions in life that cause difference of opinion. I don't necessarily like his personality but his goals record for us was fantastic. His winning goal against Arsenal in the fa cup final will always be remembered.