06 Nov 2017 17:27:09
My money on Salah to be our highest scorer this season. I was not convinced when we signed him but this guy is the real deal. By far our best player this season and best thing is you do not see him giving up. Never.

And another thing, let Coutinho take a rest on the bench and drown his sorrows and give AOC a proper run. Pace in our squad is insane! We want players who want to get stuck in, not think about their big pay day to Barca.

1.) 06 Nov 2017
06 Nov 2017 19:01:15
It will be of no surprise if Salah finished as our highest goalscorer cos he scored 19 goals in all comps for Roma last season alone and he is already scored two thirds of that total in the first 3 months of this season already. I had no doubt he would be a great signing as I watched him for Roma a lot in the past and he was a beast for them BUT I did not know he was this good. Not in the slightest.

As for Cou if Ed01 is to be believed, Cou will be gone this Jan as he is becoming a cancer in the DR.

2.) 06 Nov 2017
06 Nov 2017 21:05:47
Salah was a great signing and I was excited when we got him. He had been unplayable in Serie A for the last 2 years and last season his output was on a par with Dybala. You wouldn’t fancy facing him and Mane in full flow.

3.) 06 Nov 2017
06 Nov 2017 22:18:58
Salah could be the bargain of the season, and he cost 40 million pounds! That's how good he has been. Always at the right place at the right time, a true pacy fox in the box. As much as I think we could do with a proper No.9 (unless Sturridge comes back to life), it would be a shame to break the front trio of Firmino, Salah and Mane. They compliment each other so well.

4.) 07 Nov 2017
07 Nov 2017 09:08:51
Actually Indian Buzzer according to the numbers with eufa Salah cost Liverpool £ 37.80 million and just because many people say Ox cost 40 million £, we paid Arsenal 38 million € which is closer to 33.5 million £.