15 Aug 2017 11:42:44
is it me or is anyone else sick of this coutinho saga you've got Henderson saying he can't influence coutinhos desision the players saying they symphasise with him symphasise with the fans who had coutinho printed on there new lfc shirts. i like watching coutinho myself but it's time to get what we can and move on. let's hope the players mind are on the game tonight and not what coutinho wants.

1.) 15 Aug 2017
15 Aug 2017 12:01:22
They're employees. Do you work? Have you ever left a job for higher wages and better working conditions or for a more prominent role?
Get used to it because it'll happen more and more and so long as the transfer fee is fair I wish them well.

2.) 15 Aug 2017
15 Aug 2017 12:02:56
We have no replacement lined up nor the club has any confidence in landing a top player in less than 2 weeks. Hence we are stalling his move.

3.) 15 Aug 2017
15 Aug 2017 12:04:01
Watching Hendos press conference it was much more casually said then suggested. It seemed more a passing comment.