19 Jun 2017 09:17:55
I think Klopps 'won't go back in for Dortmund players' is an agreement that doesn't count when the player is want away.

Dortmund don't want Klopp enticing (and probably tapping up) their players but if they know a player will be moving on, our money is as green as everyone else's.

Having said that, I'll eat my sock if we sign Aubamayang.

1.) 19 Jun 2017
19 Jun 2017 09:49:58
They would be happy to offload him to England and wouldn't give a toss about Klopp or his promises. You are taking about serious money and why wouldn't they consider it for a player who has decided to move on. I don't know who is talking this BS ( Klopp won't sign his ex players ) on this page. The man tapped up two players in two years!

2.) 19 Jun 2017
19 Jun 2017 11:14:03
Rhst clause with Dortmund was probably put in place because they knew only so well of Klopp's sneaky ways.

3.) 19 Jun 2017
19 Jun 2017 15:51:57
Harry, the person talking that "BS" is Klopp himself so you can take up the issue with him. Alos, I don't want Auba here cos he wanted to go to PSG as he was offerred insane wages hence, he is just looking for a big pay day. Now that the deal went to crap, his agents are now sounding off LFC as a likely destination due to the Klopp link. Anyone with a brain can figure that out. We will not ;pay the money nor his insane wages so moral of the story? Not happening and I am more than cool with that.