1.) 12 Jan 2017
11 Jan 2017 23:51:10
By the way Klopp was so clueless he ask DS to instruct team mates using a piece of paper! Nobody was listening to DS and even DS threw that piece of paper away in disgust. Such absolute shambles and it beginning to show cracks in Klopp armoury, a bit losing it. Sad to see

2.) 12 Jan 2017
11 Jan 2017 23:58:41
He did what 90% of teams have done against us. He played ultra defensive and hoped for a result. Which he got. Southamptons goal was because of Klavans mistake and Clynes ball watching it certainly was not down to a moment of brilliance from Redmond. (even though it was a good finish) There was no tactical masterclass from Puel, you are just trying to be sensationalist as usual.

3.) 12 Jan 2017
12 Jan 2017 00:11:36
Ffs here we go we played very bad I admit so let's get a new manager in new players blah blah blah. Take the good with the bad as long as we get a good result Sunday that's what counts.

4.) 12 Jan 2017
12 Jan 2017 00:13:21
The only people losing it are you two. It was a bad day at the office and we are lucky enough to go away from the fixture with just being a goal down.

If Klopp has one way of playing, then it has got us to 2 finals and now a semi-final and we sit well 2nd in the table with a squad that many including you thought were not good enough for top 4.

It is frankly quite disappointing to see the team perform bad, but it is equally disappointing to see fans throw their toys out of the pram every time things don't go as they expect it.

5.) 12 Jan 2017
12 Jan 2017 00:44:58
Unbelievable Harry and Leek, you call yourselves fans, more like embarrassments.