1.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 10:14:39
Perfect game for Karius

{Ed025's Note - perfect game for karius?...i would say darts annie.. :)

2.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 10:43:39
If we sold Sturridge we'd probably do better bringing in another goal scoring winger to cover Coutinho/ Mane and letting Firmino, Origi and Ings cover CF between them. If you view Firminos best position in the middle of the park as a striker or no.10 (as I do) then our lack of cover is out wide, not through the middle.

Personally I hope we keep him and would still like to see Klopp play him and Origi as a pair with Firmino just behind - would mean a departure from 4-3-3 for a bit but I think it would be devastatingly effective similar to the diamond setup we saw work so well in 13/ 14 season.

IMO Sturridge is most effective with a CF alongside him who can make runs into the box when he drops deep or wide as he tends to do to get on the ball.

3.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 11:25:11
Get someone equally prolific to Sturridge? I suppose we could see if City would sell Aguero or maybe we could ask for Suarez back. You can't just pluck a player that good from anywhere, you either have to pay a lot of money (worked with Torres, failed with Carroll), take a risk (worked with Suarez, failed with Ballotelli), get lucky with your youth players (worked with Fowler, failed with countless others) . There are very few occasions where you identify a transfer target, get him for a decent price and they end up being prolific (Baros, Morientes, Cisse are just a few examples of the difficulty in achieving that) .

Studge's injuries are problematic but seeing how we don't rely on him they're manageable and I guarantee that he's a better player than any other player we could get who would agree to be a squad player. There's a risk that he'll never get over his injuries but that's a risk we can afford to take and if he does get fully fit then that reward is huge.

{Ed025's Note - really good post that putney..

4.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 11:36:12
you need to take a long hard look at yourself putney, there's no place for well thought out sensible posts like that here.

5.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 11:59:45
Oh Ed, you'll make me blush.

{Ed025's Note - you obviously know your stuff mate...even though you do support liverpool.. :)

6.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 12:12:53
Not sure if my lost post made it, my internet is terrible atm.

I wouldn't mind Kasper Dolberg, a brilliant young talent, who reminds me a lot of Ibra. Has the lot for me, and should go on to be world class in the next few years. If we got studge, I don't mind Origi being number 1 striker with bobby covering, and Dolbreg as youthful backup.

7.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 14:06:45
totally agree Putney, sturridge still has plenty to offer imo.

8.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 14:48:37
Plenty to offer how? please can somebody tell me what sturridge has done for us the past few years? I can't believe some people's posts at times. I back him up, he's a Liverpool player but come on. It seems im the only one. Come summer he's off.

9.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 14:57:30
You mean apart from score goals?

10.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 15:04:40
When Suarez was injured or suspended sturridge happened to b fit for once and we never missed him. If he can play for a couple of months now with mane away, that's firminio couts and lallana I think the same thing will happen. origi can play a few positions there as cover. However a couple of injuries and were short with ings out and ojo not fit.

11.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 15:30:41
Great post, Putney. Studge is the best natural finisher in England, period. if he`s willing to be part of the team and not start every time then I welcome him cos he`s just too talented and there are no "Studge`s" lying around to replace him with. "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush", come to mind here. Now whether he will accept those terms, is another story.

12.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 16:10:28
There are certainly a few ''Studge's'' available to replace him should he leave. I'm no realy fussed if he stays or goes, I don't think he's ever going to be a 20 game a season Premiership player. I do agree he's a natural finisher. But as it stands if he can't get fit, which all too often nowadays, I wouldn't mind getting a decent price for him and wishing him all the ebst, we have to learn when to let go.
Looking at it basically Sturridge has been available for 80 matches in his time in the league if fit he could have played 160 roughly. He's playing half the matches available (that figure also includes substitute appearances, when he's trying to get back to match sharpness)
If a decent offer comes in and our scouting system is up to scratch I certainly think there's a few around europe and even the UK we could bring in. One I've already mentioned

13.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 16:57:15
Chileanred, put your money where your mouth is, name a player that we could get who would accept a squad role and would score at anything approaching the rate Studge does?

14.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 18:08:29
Dolberg, as I have mentioned, Jordan Rhodes, is WELL worth go, Jermain Defoe, who we could have gone for a few years back. Even though he's got a troublesome agent, Surely a squad player is better for Berahinio than warming the pines. Pulis wants rid, he wants out give him a contract that reflects is less than advantageous negotiating position. A take it or leave it offer.
There are plenty of other players in foreign leagues too.

15.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 18:33:12
Wait a minute Chilean, would that be championship quality Jordan Rhodes who can`t get a game at Boro? A has-been like Defoe? A very troubled and disturbed young player like Berahino? Sorry Chilean but thank heavens you don`t run the TC at LFC cos if you did, we would struggle to get 10th with such your choices. And NO, Studge has more talent in his right index toe than the lot you presented combined. Good Heavens!

16.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 19:08:19
Not really, there are plenty of good players in the championship. Vardy was a championship player a few seasons back, Kane could barely get a kick for lower sides.
We all know managers favour players to suit their styles, it doesn't mean they're not bad players. The Boro coach doesn't trust Rhodes that's fine. It doesn't mean he's a bad player. To think lower elague players can't hack the prem is a disserice to those who have made it into this league the long way Mcauley, williams, Kevin Phillips, Jamie Vardy, Jagielka (in the day) There have been plenty of players who came up from the championship and lower and proved they can hack it here, there are plenty of world class layers who have come to the premiership and not made it, Forlan, Veron, Falcao spring to mind.
You really shouldn't be so dismissive.

I gave the caveats with Berahinio, I am well aware of his misbehaviours. It doesn't necessarily mean he can't mature into a good player with the right guidance.

People didn't think Studge and his attitude were worth it 4 seasons back, now look at you, you can't even dream having a team without him in it. I notice you didn't mention Jermain or Kasper though.

I've never met such a dismissive attitude. As for studge having more talent in his right finger, well that's a large exaggerration, I;m guessing you've not seen Rhodes play? For the record, you can have all the talent in the world, if you can't get into a team regularly because of injuries, you're not using it.

For the record I loved Studge I wanted to get him from Chelsea, especially after his half season at Bolton, but you have to know when to hold and when to fold, there's always more talent to be nurtured. We got rid of Torres at the right time, probably Fowler too in hindsight. Ferguson wasn't afraid to get rid of his top players when the time came, neither should Klopp.

{Ed025's Note - good read that chilean mate..

17.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 19:11:05
Sorry i didn't see you're little sentence about Defoe, the has been that has more goals and appearances in the prem in the twilight of his career, than Sturridge in the same time, since he came back from Toronto, where he went because fans at clubs such as ours, thought he wasn't good enough? I think it's fair to say he's proving most wrong

{Ed025's Note - you make some very good points chilean...even though you do come across as a bit of a nark at times mate.. :)

18.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 19:33:02
I've been a long time reader eds, I know how this place goes, I just decided that when posting, I'd reflect the attitude shown towards myself.

{Ed025's Note - it can be a bit near the bone at times chilean i agree, but dont rise to it mate it makes you the bigger man..

19.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 21:02:17
Chilean, there is nothing dismissive about what I posted. I posted facts, not opinions. The players you mentioned wouldn`t get a game ahead of any other striker in our stable right now, period. Do yoee any of them playing ahead of Origi, Firmino and Studge, right now? If you do, great. I disagree and have facts to back it up. And comparing them to Studge is just unreal.

If you want to just put names out there of players you think are good enough to replace Studge, have at it. But don`t expect us to not scrutinize them just cos of fear of being dismissive towards you. I enjoy debates and open dialogue hence, the reason I love this site. Keep your posts coming cos I love them.

20.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 21:32:39
Chilean, to bring this back to a more respectful tone. The players you mention are all good but none are in the class of Sturridge. Take Defoe, his best season he scored a goal every 140 minutes, Studge had averaged 120 across his whole career.

I get that these others you've mentioned don't have Studge's injury problems but none would make our team better, Studge does. We don't need a decent striker, we need a great one and studge, when fit, is that.

21.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 21:32:47
Sorry Hut the only fact published was that defoe had scored more goals and started more games than Studge. everything else is opinion, down to why Rhodes isn't starting, Studge having more talent in his index finger etc. nothing but opinion there. Unless there's a google search I can do for index finger skills?

The original point wasn't about getting in ahead of the stable it's about who we could bring in to play a when called upon but be happy as a squad player. I asserted those names above could. And given I go has barely played due to I jury and Studge I feel I'd be right, they could walk in ahead of those 2 on fitness and availability alone. I never compared then to surrender in terms of their style. Rhodes is a completely different player, as is Defoe, dolberg I doubt you've even seen hence you've not entitled him. I'd actually say he has more class than Studge did at his age.

No 1 is "just putting names out there. " I was asked to name players who wouldn't cost a bomb in my opinion that could play well for us, be available and happy as a squad member.

22.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 21:37:12
As for getting in ahead of origi, yes Defoe gets in ahead of origi for me, Dolberg probably. Possibly even berahinio once he's up and running. The lads was an idiot a few years ago, it doesn't stop him having quality. Rhodes is happily take the gamble on if we got rid of Studge he's a top drawer Finisher who doesn't rely on pace, but more working room, creating angles to shoot we dearly miss that at times, I like Bobby work rate but his shooting can be lacustre. hence no goals in 9 games. Or whatever it was.

That's my analysis. feel free to come back with a "lol" or so forth remark without any reason again if you so wish

23.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 23:06:40
Putney Red thank you for taking the time to debate.

, I would argue, that Studge doesn't make our team better, we've scored more with him out of the team, and he doesn't have the work ethic required to trackback close down ad bobby and origi do up front. I would like to see those stats you mentioned without that one season with Suarez. which I do believe highly inflates his goals per minute ration (I jut went and did the maths with stats from whoscored. com, without Suarez with hi, the stat goes to a goal every 137 minutes, pretty much on a par with defoe.

Then again It's not all about stats, I've never hada problem with defoe's work ethic on the field, his ability to pop up in the box and move to create room for himself and other players.

I thinkit's worth pointing out, as i alluded to further up putney too, it's knowhing when to cash in. Ruud got 21 goals in his final season at Man united, Ferdinand scored 41 in 68in Newcastle but was still let go, and only did ok at spurs given is injuries. Sometimes it'sabout kowing when to cash in, let go, move on, and replace.

Given ings doesn't look like he will stay injury free either, I do worry that we've got possibly £30 million of striker (have we even paid for ings yet? ) sat on the bench, not contributing for most of the season. Defoe may have never reached the heights of Studge, i agree studge is better then him naturally, do i think studge fits our system well? not really, it shows in his runs when he doesn't receive the ball, and constant stop starting between the centrebacks as he can't read what pass is coming, and is lacklustre attempts to really close down the oppo player with the ball, or the space, I do howeverfeel defoe can do this, and that he's available week in week out.
I also feel Berahinio, given time can be taught this, I did like him during that season, breaking in behind, he did put in decent efforts up there on his own.
I think Rhodes is again a different player. I think he needs a challenge and is wasted on any bench. For me his ability to pick out the top corner in matches (granted championship) is phenomenal, his natural finishing is up there with Fowler for me. At Rovers he often only got 1 chance per game, but bagged it, and he worked his socks off in a tough championship. As I mentioned previously, I feel we lack that natural finisher at the moment, we're having at time,20 shots per game and still not scoring. Bobby has struggled recently and I;d never ay he's a natural finisher, mane, CLEARLY isn't Pipco'sgames can be hit and miss. Origi I'll reserve jugement on. If Studge goes, I;m happy with that gamble as A, bobby can fill in, Ings may be back (if he isn't then we need cover, ) Origi is Still a forward.

24.) 06 Jan 2017
06 Jan 2017 23:43:51
Really interesting post. But then i read 'Defoe gets in ahead of Origi' and i couldn't read the rest through the tears of laughter.
Thats why this site is so good. There are such diverse (occasionally extremely diverse) opinions.

25.) 07 Jan 2017
07 Jan 2017 01:29:38
Chilean, I think we'll settle this the old fashioned way. If Studge scores 20 goals for Liverpool next season you have to accept me as the Lord of all football wisdom. If Studge's replacement scores more goals next year than he does this season then I'll find an excuse to why it's someone else's fault I was wrong. Deal?

26.) 07 Jan 2017
07 Jan 2017 02:08:56
None of the players you've named are even close to Sturridge in terms of ability chileanred.

{Ed001's Note - most of those are not even close to my ability, let alone Studger's!}

27.) 07 Jan 2017
07 Jan 2017 08:48:12
Here's my two penneth:
Sturridge is a consistent goal scorer, there are not that many around. If he is happy with a squad role then Klopp will keep him, if he is not happy then I guess he will go.
Jordan Rhodes is an extraordinary shout. Whilst there is no doubt he has goalscoring ability, he is FAR too slow to ever cut it in the premier league.
If Sturridge wants to leave, I don't see Kloppo rushing to sign the likes of Defoe. We have plenty of players and some good youngsters coming through.

28.) 07 Jan 2017
07 Jan 2017 10:15:32
I'll happily agree to that Putney, butonly in the preierleague, i don't want thrashings of fa cup canon fodder counted. Any striker worth his salt in a prem winning side should be hitting 2 goals a season.

Defoe is currently ahead of Origi in terms of ability as striker, especially being shown this season. Origi has great potential but has barely played Annie, and that response just highlights to closed mindedness of people on here.

As for the other points raised about Studge's skill, it's like the posts weren't even read. I never said they had more skill than Sturridge, it's like the entire point of my post was missed, or the original post. We're looking for a player essentially than can contribute and be happy as a squad player. No one said they had to have Sturidge's natural ability, and I reiterate, what's the point in ability if you can only use it in 1/ 3rd of all Lfc games?

Ed01 I feel you saying those player's don't even reach your skill levels is really disingenuous to be honest, tey're aid pros, you are not, if you wish to comment, please make it enlightening, don't join them in the pathetic retorts filled with malice rather than eloquent points.

{Ed001's Note - is it? Or perhaps I don't rate them. You have picked out a bunch of average joes and tried to claim they are good enough. So what if they are pros? I have seen far better quality in non-league, as have most people, the likes of Vardy are not one-offs. As for Defoe being better than Origi, that is just not true. At his peak, maybe Defoe was better, but I would still take Origi, he doesn't miss 45 shots a game and take hundreds over the season from ridiculous positions when a pass is on. It just shows how poor Sunderland are that he is vital to them, not how good he is. I am guessing you are going purely on highlight reels, because Rhodes has shown time and time again he is not a Prem player, yet you have suggested him as being a Prem player. Karanka wants rid because he is not good enough, nothing to do with fitting systems, he is not Prem quality. Berahino is another, overrated, never-has-been.

You said there were loads of Studgers out there, now you are backtracking, claiming you never said they were as good, well if they aren't as good, why on earth would we want them? We should be buying better players, not average Championship players that would never get in the team. If we want a bench warmer, then you buy a better player to replace the player in the first team or you are just going backwards.}

29.) 07 Jan 2017
07 Jan 2017 10:48:42
OK ed001. So are you saying you didn't get your chance then and that you were a better player than Kasper Dolberg, Jermain Defoe, Saido Berahinio and Jordan Rhodes.
If lower elague players are better than Jordan Rhodes (talking strikers) why do none have his golascoring record in league 1 and the chmpionship. Please name those players you consider to be better in the lower leagues than those I have mentioned. I was put to task to name those in my mind, why don't you enlighten us t your list?

I am not going off higlight reels for Rhodes at all, I watched him regularly for Huddrsifled when asked to scouthim for a championship club.

If Karanka wants rid of Rhodes, fine, why get him in the first plac, it's clear he doesn't fit their system (hence even though they bought him int he chmpionship he didn't play, i never personally saw it as a good fit. ) I don't get how time and time again a player can show they aren't prem when they haven't played because their manager doesn't favour them. If that were true LFC should have never bought Studge who barely got games ahead of an old Drogba, and a complete useless Torres at the time. manager and team by the way that st 4 points above the relegation zone and are in no way safe. They may want to try changing things up for safety.

I was asked to name studge's take from that what you will, I made it bench warmers who can change a game, as that what Daniel is at the moment. You've said it yourself on here Daniel was currently not part of Klopp's 1st team set up, it's shown in the teams picked. As i said, I don'tthink those playersare necessarly on Studges unique level, but they don't have to be because they can play week in week andand contribute. For the record though. I think Saido has a lot of talent and a move would allow him to show that. Dolberg, has world class potential, and for me may already be better than Origi.

Not sure how defoe hits 45 shots a game. Is this a stat you wish to supply a source for ed001 or are you being disingeuous again? and grossly exaggerrating for a misnformed point?

I notice you never mentioned Kasper btw? Seemingly no 1 else does either. that's ok though.

Daniel Sturridge has contributed 10,21,4,8,1 goals per season int he prem for us, and is a goal per 2 game player. There are lenty of striker around the world who can supply that, even then it's bolstered significantly by his season with luis. S statistically we'relooking at replacing him with a striker that can contribute 8-10 goals a season on average. It won't be that hard really.

If you want a squad layer (bench warmer) you buy a player that can make that bench week in week out

{Ed001's Note - right, for starters, I am not the one claiming there are better players, so why should I provide you a list? You are the all knowing one who claims to be in the know, even though you clearly have no clue why Rhodes isn't starting, though it was very public why Karanka left and how he was the major part of the problem there. But you are the one in the know, so you must know all about it.

I am saying there are no better players available than Studge, try and keep up. Oh fgs yes I was exaggerating for effect, so what? It doesn't change my point, just shows you have no sense of humour and take life way too seriously. Why should I mention Dolberg? Why would I? What is this? You are wasting everyone's time as you are unable to make any point other than you want a club in debt to spend millions to replace a player they already have with lower quality to sit on the bench. This is just idiotic. If you can't see how stupid this is I give up.

And stop wasting my time with extra (deleted) posts trying to make sly jibes at me. I am not interested in this crap. You want to sign dross for the bench as you think we can replace Sturridge's quality with some average joe from the Championship. It is laughable. I want to stick with the top class talent we have, I don't need to prove there are better options than the one who flopped at Boro or the knobhead who no one wants from the Baggies or Dolberg that has never played in England so might never settle. You are the one with no eye for talent who claims to be a scout, that wants us to drop our best player, in talent terms, so try and come up with reasoning that makes sense.

In fact don't bother, the whole thing shows you have no sense of humour, just a stick up your arse trying to showcase your 'superior' knowledge and get all arsey when anyone even makes a joke. It is pointless trying to engage with the likes of you, you don't get it, you just carry on without me, because there is little point if you are going to just take everything as gospel and not realise when a tongue is firmly in cheek. You have clearly come on here to pick a fight and I am not interested.}