02 Jan 2017 12:55:30
Ed 02 you stated the club is in a lot of debt yet the owners say this is not the case. How much debt are we in?

{Ed002's Note - How much doesn't matter. I have no idea why the owners have said that - perhaps they need to look at the accounts and do their sums over the stadium?}

1.) 02 Jan 2017
02 Jan 2017 17:01:04
Ed, surely there's something out there that proves Liverpool is in big debt? This is why people are confused, because literally everyone else with a voice in the media is saying otherwise.

{Ed002's Note - The accounts last year show a big debt and the owners also writing off a very large debt to get it off the books - since then they have made another payment for the stadium - but you keep trust everyone one in the media if they are saying that is not the case.

So what are the media saying then?}

2.) 02 Jan 2017
02 Jan 2017 17:23:34
The media are saying that they're not in big debt, as the owners are. This is why it's so confusing.

{Ed002's Note - Keep saying the same thing doesn't help Nick. Who in the media is saying what? Who within the owners doesn't understand the accounts, doesn't understand the £60 odd million write off in the last set of accounts nor payments made for the stadium work and what are they saying about it?}

3.) 02 Jan 2017
02 Jan 2017 17:25:45
Maybe that's why the media say otherwise, because the owners wrote off a debt Liverpool owed them.

{Ed002's Note - They did - but they get it back when they sell the club - all they have done is offset debt against their investment (devaluing it) - so who in the media is saying what about the debt the accounts show and the further payments for the stadium? You seem to be (again) struggling with simple finances Nick.}

4.) 02 Jan 2017
02 Jan 2017 17:35:57
It's more the fact that the media *don't* say anything about any large debt associated with Liverpool, despite the fact they used to a few years ago, that's why it's hard to find someone in the media. To be fair to you I should have worded it better.

I'm not that bad with finances, I just wasn't aware they only temporarily wrote it off. But anyone on this website is going to look like a financial pleb compared to your knowledge, so go easy.

{Ed002's Note - Ok Nick - I think we should let this go - the new argument that the media are saying nothing about Liverpool's debt means that there isn't one doesn't hold too much water. The Debate Society of Berkeley would struggle to persuade me of that being true.

On a brighter note, there was nothing in the press today about Reus joing Liverpool this month - makes you think?}