1.) 12 Dec 2016
12 Dec 2016 14:12:27
It is certainly very striking that both brad jones and adam bogdan's form has improved greatly since leaving lfc. I think jones even won an award recently.
Reina has also improved, at least since his latest move.
Is all that enough evidence to replace achterberg?
For me personally, yes it is. Asap.

2.) 12 Dec 2016
12 Dec 2016 14:13:14
Redstorm4, that is the problem that very few have mentioned but the media and fans narrative is drowning out. Ed01 has alluded to this on many occasions but the media and "pundits" just talk crap and slate players and managers because that`s much easier to do.

The GK coach has to be looked at deeply as Reina dipped massively in form, and Migs and now Karius are struggling. they both have their flaws but definitely need help and Klopp needs to address this wholistically. A good GK coach will certainly help a GK`s development just as any other good coach can help any player. Something to be investigated, IMO.

3.) 12 Dec 2016
12 Dec 2016 14:29:22
Saw that Bruce Grobbelaar has come out now asking questions about Achterberg. he was sitting with Ray Clemence at the game. something needs to be done about this, it can't just be coincidence surely!

4.) 12 Dec 2016
12 Dec 2016 16:08:18
I saw that as well, Redstorm4. That to me is a big part of the GK issue.