23 Jul 2016 20:50:45
Am I missing something regarding the desperate need for a Moreno replacement? Why is Flanno not getting a look in/ consideration? I hear he's weighing up the possibility of a loan move to Burnley, but don't understand why the club would consider letting him go when he's 10 times the defender Moreno is!

1.) 23 Jul 2016
23 Jul 2016 21:00:50
Flanno is not the answer for left back.

2.) 23 Jul 2016
23 Jul 2016 23:15:49
Moreno and Flannagan in my opinion neither anywhere good enough for us. Flanno has the heart but not the ability and Moreno is Moreno. Left Full back should be a must


3.) 23 Jul 2016
23 Jul 2016 23:48:20
Flanno and clyne is a solid pair for right back, the games Randall played last season didn't exactly impress anyone. He didn't look ready for this level. He should be the one going out on loan and flanno should get back up to speed with us, and eventually (hopefully) displace clyne. We need a left back at left back, and one that is better than Moreno.