17 Mar 2016 13:30:59
Hutch and Alexi Lalas Beard. Thinking of you guys today. Let's hope the insurgent Redmen can put a bit of joy into your respective lives to tonigh at a difficult time for both of you. I know it doesent make everything alright but watching beat Manchester United get beat will help I'm sure. Keep smiling lads and just know we're all one big red family. YNWA.

1.) 17 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 14:03:15
Thanks very much.

2.) 17 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 14:44:25
Well said BD.

3.) 17 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 19:22:03
We'll said mate. Hutch and Alexi: you'll never walk alone.