27 Dec 2015 09:51:43
Good morning Eds

Whats your thoughts on the game yesterday please? Do you think we stepped it up after recent displays? I noticed we only had Can and Hendo as a 2 with 3 infront and then obe striker. Lucas seems to have lost his place, do you think this is something Klopp wants to do with Can as the one sitting in front of back 4?

{Ed001's Note - no, we just had a full week of training to prepare, rather than a broken week, so the players were ready. There is a long way to go, and I doubt we should get carried away, especially against a team that plays into our hands. We are weak defensively in wide areas, but Leicester are a team that are always looking to cut inside and shoot, rather than playing a cross or pass in after getting to the byline. That is much easier for our team to deal with. If Mahrez and Albrighton had swapped flanks, they would have caused us many more problems.

As for the formation, forget it, horses for courses and players will be in and out the team as needed.

It was a good team performance, but let's not get carried away and expect that every week. The team have a long way to get up to full fitness, they were out on their feet by the last ten minutes, most of them. That is the main reason why we have struggled recently. As Spurs have shown, it is the second season when that kind of fitness training pays off.}

1.) 27 Dec 2015
27 Dec 2015 12:21:03
I agree with that ed. I think under our short time with Klopp we've mostly played really well when we've had longer to prepare for the game. Might seem obvious but the contrast between when we only have a few days is massive. Team needed that win so badly, and I always had a feeling it would be Liverpool who finally stopped Leicester.

{Ed001's Note - I am just glad it was us, as we really needed it.}

2.) 27 Dec 2015
27 Dec 2015 12:57:28
He's still working out the best formations/ selections IMO.

3.) 27 Dec 2015
27 Dec 2015 14:05:32
With the comment of Spurs Ed and Klopp saying a few times about a perfect pre-season. Do you think next season we will see "heavy metal football"
Also is it being said that Rodgers never had the players fit enough in the 1st place?

{Ed001's Note - I do expect next season to see a step forward, but it will probably take a couple of seasons to really get up to speed.

Yes, there was a problem with fitness levels, as the players didn't need to reach the level Klopp's style demands.}

4.) 27 Dec 2015
27 Dec 2015 12:51:33
The coming Transfer window ll be crucial for Leicester. From survival to challengers. They should now recruit players who could help them to challenge.
Mahrez still caused us problems. Nutmegged three of our players with ease yesterday.

We must start Believing.

5.) 27 Dec 2015
27 Dec 2015 15:09:38
I agree with you there Ed; some of the players in the time will have moved on, others brought in, that's going to take about 4 transfer windows and a couple of pre seasons to get to where he wants us to be.

6.) 27 Dec 2015
27 Dec 2015 16:18:53
Ed is right. As for Mahrez causing us problems, he only had that one shot and that was it. He was so anonymous because we pressed him with 2/ 3 players each time he had the ball and cut off the supply line to he and Vardy hence, they got subbed off. That was a sign tha Ranieri gave up. these guys had terrorized the PL till they came to Anfield and we shot them down so don't know where you got the notion that Mahrez caused us problems.