10 Dec 2015 08:46:53
We are being linked with wingers when we have 2 on loan that are potentially world class already in Ojo and Markovic. Given our financial situation (Without any real clue I am sure Klopp being appointed wasn't a freebie) why spend more.
I think our most important signing since Saurez will be Klopp. He can be the catalyst for a higher percentage of our young players with potential making it. They won't all do but at least it won't be for lack of trying or poor management.

1.) 10 Dec 2015
10 Dec 2015 08:54:14
think might be far too early to use the term the term world class.

luis suarez is world class. how many are as good or better? not many.

2.) 10 Dec 2015
10 Dec 2015 09:07:52
I used the word 'potential' world class as I realise it's used a lot. Also specific to one player based on Ed002 comments regarding Ojo recently being one of the brightest prospects by someone who knows far more than him (assume no sarcasm on Eds behalf) I forget who the only other player was in that same 'potential' bracket.

Swap the words world class to great players if it helps :-)

3.) 10 Dec 2015
10 Dec 2015 11:32:53
Ojo, while promising, is nowhere near ready to be starting and probably even featuring in the Prem on a regular basis.
He doesn't start regularly now with the team he's at.

4.) 10 Dec 2015
10 Dec 2015 11:39:08
i know you used the word potential, but you said 'potentially world class already'.

but i do agree with you, Markovic should be given a chance, but not sure about Ojo, i haven't seen much of him, although i wouldn't disagree to it too.

With the squad we have now, we have the opportunity to give them bit part roles, rather than thrown in the deep end like we did with Sterling, which would also help them.

5.) 10 Dec 2015
10 Dec 2015 12:17:12
Most world class players break into first teams at a young age, if Ojo is good enough, I don't see a problem in playing some game for us next season. Look at flanno, he played better for the first team than the youth teams. He wil make mistakes but it may push him on.

6.) 10 Dec 2015
10 Dec 2015 13:00:09
Kaizer stop it. You know that's not what he meant. He said "already" as in they're at the club already. Not world class already. You all know that, you're just trolling and it's crap like that which drives people away from sites like this. People can't be asked with constant petty nitpicking.

Grow up.

7.) 10 Dec 2015
10 Dec 2015 13:59:21
* squadooosh * EMS whip of justice!

Agree though. It's clear what was emant.

8.) 10 Dec 2015
10 Dec 2015 13:08:16
I don't see a come back in case of Markovic nor immediate future for Ojo in the first team. It looks like the club would be buying a Winger in Summer.

9.) 10 Dec 2015
10 Dec 2015 13:43:16
Sheyi Ojo is potentially world class, he is a sensational youngster and a couple of years back Ojo was among 4-5 players mentioned to become the very best in the world one day. Now is up to us to nurture that potential and develop him well.

He is doing alright at Wolves and for his first taste of pro football at a league as difficult as the championship he is showing he can adapt quickly from youth football to pro football. Sergi Canos is doing very well at Brentford as well.

10.) 10 Dec 2015
10 Dec 2015 15:05:59
Totally agree. kaiser seems to always pick people up on lame points. To much time on his hands!

11.) 10 Dec 2015
10 Dec 2015 15:32:07
There's no harm in being linked to players, think of it in boy scout terms, always be prepared. Come the summer the club will decide what players are needed and if the quality required is in the youth team, if it's not they'll buy one of the previously scouted players. No decisions are being made today though.

12.) 10 Dec 2015
10 Dec 2015 18:04:31
Thanks EMS and Bob couldn't have put it better :-)