19 Jun 2013 21:42:56
Ed 52 as you are about mate. I see that there have been protests about ticket prices and basically fans getting ripped off. In your opinion do you see there is a chance of ticket prices coming down and would the Premier league have any power on how much clubs can sell seats for?

Thanks in advance. {Ed052's Note - What protests mate? Arsenal fans always moan, and so they should. If you are referring to Brazil, it is different and to do with deeply rooted social problems. Ticket prices should come down a lot more, but they wont}

1.) 19 Jun 2013
Jo! Goal! He comes on. He scores. Maybe we should by him. 100% international scoring record!

2.) 19 Jun 2013
There were protests last season about away match price tickets, I seem to remember City protesting and others followed! {Ed052's Note - Yes, and the linesman haha!! Nothing will change. It should, but it wont}

3.) 19 Jun 2013
Ed52 I believe that there as been groups of fans protesting outside premier league HQ today. It was a planned protest from all fans from different clubs. Fans of SOS was there. There is info online mate. let's hope they listen. {Ed052's Note - Prices wont drop. I hadn't known of the protest but wouldn't expect anything to come from it}

4.) 19 Jun 2013
Funny about the linesman, he got banned for telling them to go over to the fans because of the money they had spent! Fair play to him. In saying that he did it in a smug way! so maybe he deserved the ban haha

5.) 19 Jun 2013
A group of supporters from a group of clubs (Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal to name a few) joined in protest outside the Premier League offices today over ticket prices ed.

6.) 20 Jun 2013
Here's the bottom line. Ticket prices are set by supply and demand. A protest will do nothing to change that. If enough fans don't like the price then they won't go to the game. If games aren't selling out then the clubs will lower prices. Football Clubs are still buisnesses and are trying to make as much money as possible. As long as fans are willing to pay the prices and pack the stadiums than prices will continue to rise. Its simple capitalism.