16 Jun 2019 10:55:28
Salah has apparently told the club that he will stay for another year and then re-evaluate his situation. Seems fair to me.

1.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 11:05:05
The neck of him! 😂 he wins us the title and he will leave a legend and good luck to him £150+ for him.

2.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 11:37:12
That's nice of him.

3.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 11:43:30
Because he’s been turned down by at least 3 clubs. Shameful punting of himself around the world but I’ve always said I’d take a 100% commitment Mo over the replacement options. Klopps worry has to be that at some point his head goes down again and he forgets to pass the ball, as we have seen in periods this season.

Tough situation for a manager when one of your star players wants to go elsewhere but elsewhere doesn’t want him. You are stuck with possible mentally damaged goods and all you can do is hope that they can put their wants and desires away for 9 months.

Ed’s, (not Klopp and Mo specific but an insight into management if possible) does a manager go through thoughts like that and allow that kind of thinking into their decision making? What are their realistic options in handling a situation like this?

{Ed001's Note - the options are to make the most of it or get rid. Paisley would have sold him without question but he would also have already had someone lined up to replace him.}

4.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 12:10:17
well klopp will be very used to losing his best players.

5.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 12:25:34
It's a funny one, he seemed to show a big difference this year in his selfishness. Was still changing games and scoring goals but there were many occasions where he didn't put the teams interests ahead of his own which I'm sure bothered klopp big time. The issue was we literally had nobody to play in his role without changing the system up a bit. If we could get that added attacking player into the squad that can be trusted to play at our high levels, klopp may have more chances to remind mo it's not always him who has to score. I remember the Everton draw. A 5 yard square pass to mane and we score, and he could see him clearly too. He risked trying to finish himself which cost us a goal.

On the other hand he has contributed so many important goals, he hasn't showed the lack of care to play that coutinho did and as long as he puts in a great season on the field again and cuts out some frustrating things that have crept in recently I really wouldn't be bothered if he moved on next summer.

The main reason is not the lack of his quality, it's actually because I've full faith in our recruitment policies that the right player will be bought in after. It's not like the days when losing Suarez resulted in balotelli and Lambert. Couldn't possibly pick strikers in world football with complete opposite attributes from suarez to those 2. Its laughable really the state we were in then.

6.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 12:27:23
I assume that the back up plan is what we are hearing now as noise for Pépé but I’d take £150 mil of anybody’s money and take £90 mil of it round to Man City and stick a bid in for Sanè. Munich aren’t loving that price and I’d even consider upping it to £100 for the man that Klopp wanted before Salah. That kid is a born Klopp style player and I would love to see what he can to improve a player who has already shown he can do a top level job in our league. Imagine him as an out and out started unlike his up and down life at City. Fantasy league stuff but City so seem like they want to cash in and we would have the cash waiting.

I love Mo and all he has done for us but I trust the info that the Ed’s have shared and am in no doubt that Mo wouldn’t not be playing with 100% head and heart now that he (his terms) have been rejected by other clubs. This is our biggest season coming up and it must be a tough spot for Klopp, stick with tried and tested and hope he gives everything when we need him most or cut out the potential problem before it festers and get a replacement which is risky. Seems a coin flip decision for me but Sanè would be perfect and no risk and even Pépé seems good enough to be a safe replacement.

7.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 12:33:17
I said this after the CL final Har. In possibly the biggest game of his career you saw glimpses of that attitude and you could see the reaction in Bobby and Manes face, they were not happy. There’s a shot of Bobby moaning hard at Mo as they walk off at HT.

It’s such a tough call hence why I asked the managerial angle question of the Ed’s. I like you believe in them to not only make the right decision but to also be well prepared now they know he could soften his contractual demands any time and probably get a bite. What turned me off the guy was that it was always his “dream” to play for RM and that was the team he tried to get to last year and again this year but now he must have some sleep issues because he now hasn’t another couple of “dream” clubs. That’s the point when you realise his head is elsewhere and with an already less than perfect relationship with Klopp you feel it’s getting to the end of the road.

8.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 12:35:06
He'll be 28 next year. If we assume he has another good final season, and he leaves for 150 million, I think that'll be good business for us. We also will have a year to find a replacement.

{Ed001's Note - we have already had a year to find a replacement.}

9.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 12:42:17
Ed001 do you think Pépé has been identified as the replacement of Salah moves on?

Personally would of liked Sancho from the fact he’s English and I feel English talent less likely to be pulled to Real / Barcelona eventually. I know Sancho isn’t the finished article but he’s a player I feel under a coach like Klopp would thrive and become a better player. But I am sure if Sancho does ever move it’ll be somewhere else.

{Ed001's Note - I believe so, that Pepe is the chosen one to replace Salah.}

10.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 12:57:14
Thanks for reply Ed001. Suppose ideal world would be get Pépé in for 6months at least before Salah leaves, could you a situation where that could happen?

{Ed001's Note - possibly yes.}

11.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 13:08:09
Ed, what are the chances that we would buy before he leaves? I do appreciate that Ed2 is strong on the “when Salah goes” so it’s not the expected plan of action.

Down sides being that the incoming player would be getting less game time and that Mo would also have his nose pushed out by sharing a role. Also is the obvious that we would be paying millions for a 1 season rotation player.

My uneducated thought is that the upside gives you quality in rotation to allow for a Mo wobble and not only that you know he is going in at least 9/ 10 months anyway so it’s a short term over investment that protects your position with a guaranteed return in less than a year. The incoming player is also well aware that he is the future and that the other player will be leaving. Again, as someone from a non football background but a grasp of business it would seem the safest option in such a massive season and could also be valuable in coverage across the whole front.

{Ed001's Note - it is a very expensive way to do business though. It is only likely to happen when the club expect him to go and it would be more a case of the move away falling through, so we end up with both, rather than being a plan.}

12.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 13:09:19
Ed001 - do you think we could purchase Pepe this window so we have the replacement signed and bedded in for the Salah departure sort of similar to Salah signing and Coutinho eventually leaving.

{Ed001's Note - I would only expect it if Salah is looking like he is about to leave. So probably not this summer.}

13.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 13:24:00
1 year of full commitment from Salah then sell him on for a big fee would be really good business by Liverpool. Gives us the most stable option of going for the league next season and means we can focus on other targets for the season ahead rather than rocking the boat. I think another season is needed to assess Pépé as well and see if he’s as good as reported to be because from what I’ve seen, he’s not on salah’s level. Maybe under better coaching he could reach that level but he isn’t now, and I think if we’re genuinely going for the title next season, we need the ‘now’ in our squad. Having said that, I’d love sane over any replacements but it’s never going to happen.

14.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 13:24:23
Have to agree with Ed001 regarding Sir Bob Paisley. He wouldn't have lost a second of sleep moving a player like Salah on but there would have been a replacement lined up well in advance. I honestly don't have a issue with Salah moving on if he really want's to as Ed002 has always said players are transient they come and go and that's football lad's.

15.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 13:29:30
If Salah is that desperate to leave, then I say sell him and get it over with. We do not need attention seekers or inflated egos in the dressing room. Its obvious Salah thinks he is above the club and the other players (some of which are more important to the club than he is) . Whether its Pepe or Sanch or whoever KLopp may have in mind, get it over with this summer itself. The last thing we need is for Salah to kick up a fuss next summer and for Klopp to have none of his first choice targets like Pepe available to sign coz they signed for new clubs the season before.

16.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 14:13:11
Im certainly not convinced on pepe. People are quick to get excited over him simply for his goal return this year. By the way 10 of his goals were penalties, only 13 from open play, he isn't as clinical a goalscorer as many people are thinking he is. I wouldn't be spending anything like that sort of money on him. a lot changes in a year too, Felix, sancho, fernandes, pepe, jovic were not anywhere near hot property this time last year. Many more will reach high levels too in the next year. No need for panic buys of any sort.

17.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 14:14:38
Any chance of a Keita like deal, or is pepe moving this summer?


{Ed002's Note - He is moving this year.}

18.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 14:21:06
Maybe Klopp will do what Paisley would have done then as I think Jurgen has a mixture of Shanks and Bob’s qualities

He has the ability to inspire the fans and bring the club together but he also has built a team of specialists around him with coaches medics nutritionists analysts etc

Klopp is loyal but if you don’t follow the game plan then he gets rid.

Think we trust in Klopp and see where we go.

We have got a red machine rather than a load of galacticos and that’s the way it should be.

19.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 14:27:09
Salah seems like a spoiled brat who is not getting his way when it comes to getting his dream move. Nothing suggests that Madrid actually do want to sign him.

His agent has been advertisibg him around and nothing has come of it.

Now what do we expect from Salah this coming season knowing he still wants to leave?

20.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 15:04:34
This was first reported by the daily mirror I think, yesterday without a SINGLE quote anywhere in sight. Now other papers are literally copy pasting what they wrote today lol big title that he "rejected 150mil move" and that he will review his options next year, but again they didn’t actually quote Salah anywhere lol.

21.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 15:05:45
I think we're overreacting here a bit to salah in fairness. He very quickly rose to the elite stardom level with his performances in 2 years since joining us, with Ronaldo and Messi finally leaving their thrones, it's up to the next group of players who want that role, playing for Madrid, winning ballon dors it's what every player outside England dreams of. Salah will be 28 next summer, I don't think it's completely uncommon that these type of players throw their interest about while their hot property and big clubs in rebuild. If he plays well this season and gets his move next year what is the issue? 3 world class seasons contributed, his value 5× improved and a 28 year old who we can plan in advance to replace. He's not been saying silly petulant things to media to get on the back pages like pogba and hazard have openly said they want out. He's not acting up like coutinho did, or VVD did for Southampton. If he keeps his head down and plays well for us again how can ye call him spoilt brat and no royalty etc. He's not moving to a league rival either. If his wish is to play elsewhere, that's fair enough, it's his life and this stage of his career it's probably next year or never for him He's done nothing wrong whatsoever so far in this situation, what's he doing wrong exactly?

22.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 15:08:19
Oh Pepe, Oh pepe, running down the wing . pepe pepe pepe . doesn't have the same ring, it's going to ruin the song 😂.

23.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 15:29:59
So if Pépé is moving this year then Ed we may well miss our chance at getting the guy we have potentially identified as Salah replacement?

{Ed001's Note - there is always someone else. Remember when Brandt turned us down? We ended up bringing in the 4th choice, some guy called Salah, whatever happened to him?}

24.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 15:54:05
Yeah that went well Ed as we all no Salah has done very well with us indeed and tbh if he gives us one more good season he deserves to go to Madrid imo if that is his dream. That’s of course if Madrid still interested in him next season. I wish we would bring Pépé in June so he can integrate into the team for a season but understand it’s not financially viable and not happening.

25.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 15:55:51
As long as Salah gives us 100% this next season I'm ok with him leaving after that.
If you think of Michael Owen, Fernando Torres, Louis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho. Liverpool had the peak playing years from all of them. Once they left our great club to supposedly 'better themselves ' they were never the same players. I think the same will happen with Salah.
So hopefully one more good season and then sell him for a huge profit.

26.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 16:24:30
In regards to Salah, I think it's not over until this summer's window is over. Not because I doubt the Eds' words or what is quoted from him in the media today. But because we have seen regular petulant on-field behaviour from him this year, and if Klopp is successful with a move for Pepe, then I don't put it beyond Salah to want to leave in a huff. Still a nice guy. Just a petulant primadonna nice guy now.

27.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 16:36:38
First of all i think we already have salah replacement in origi. He has speed and scores goals when it matters. Apart from that we have brewster who either makes it this season or moves.
Second of all being forced to watch ligue1 a lot every year i will say pepe is not any solution, some x club will be wasting a lot of money on him and i hope its not liverpool. Good player alright no where near what prices are being touted though. You look at how players performed in defeats and pepe went missing far too much for lille.

28.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 17:18:41
This thread was going well until I got to ”we have a replacement for Salah in Origi. ”.

29.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 18:28:39
Am I the only one who has an issue with signing pepe? He's a 25 or30 million valued player at tops. 70 mill is the price lille have set, far from his true value, 70 million should be getting you a player still young but also proven at the highest level over a period of at least 2 or 3 seasons, or else a teenage or early 20s wonderkid standing out in his age group. For similar or slightly more you could tell offer dybala a perfect role. Since higuain and Ronaldo came to juve he suffered last 2 seasons, he won't stay behind Ronaldo another year. His 3 years before that he was the main man, scored and assisted regularly since his teens in a strong league. He's the same age as pepe but has proven quality and experience already. For 3 years in his early 20s he was genuine world class. He's only suffered since he's been played around off 2 goalscoring strikers who in or around the box only have a shot on their mind. Be a perfect fit in place of salah for probably half his transfer fee. A firmino type forward would be perfect for him.

30.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 18:35:12
Ed 1, how would you go about replacing Salah' would you go like for like or look to change it? If we get a good price for him ability wise I think he can easily be replaced, I don't think his all round ability is that great but it's how effective he is to the way the 3 forwards play which would make him harder to replace going like for like. he benefits the most out of the space created for him, I can't see him doing as well as he has for us anywhere else unless he is the main man in the team.

{Ed001's Note - it really depends on who is available, if possible like for like as the system works but it could as easily be a left sided player and shift Mane back to the right.}

31.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 18:55:22
Salah has been looking for a move away for a while, I mentioned to Ed002, surely the club are aware of this to which he said they would be.

So for me, we should go for Pépé not only as a replacement but also to show Salah we know his intentions.

And if Salah decided not to leave, we would have four quality forwards to compete on all fronts! Those of you that are old enough to remember, United dominated with four decent forwards, so why can’t we!

32.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 18:51:21
Fair point Har. He’s another name that we know klopp is keen on so quiet easily could be in the mix if Salah stays another year and we miss out on Pepe. Any idea on his current situation Eds? Does he have plans to move on just yet and do we still consider him a person of interest?

33.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 19:41:44
I think Salah knows that he has to maintain a very high level if he wants to get a move to Madrid. By the way, at Liverpool we play to his strengths, at Madrid they may ask him to play to their system, that did not work out well for him at Chelski.

{Ed002's Note - I don't know what he has supposedly said and I would expect the club to read the riot act to him if he is using social media to share information about his future. The club need to reel in the new PR company and the professsional photographer he has been on vacation with and the out of Liverpool commitments he has taken on.}

34.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 20:33:53
I'd take cash and Asensio for Salah. I know swap deals don't really work, but Klopp has tried for him in the past if you are to believe what you read and Madrid would probably be open to letting him leave.

What would you think about that Ed01?

{Ed001's Note - I wouldn't touch Asensio, he is simply not that good.}

35.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 20:40:52
Ed, so, trying to get my head round this - apologies if it's been done, can't see where it has.

Is it the case that Pepe is seen as the replacement of choice - at the moment, IF Salah were to leave THIS summer?

If Salah departs next season, we look at it then and see who is available? Even if that means no Pepe.

As you say we've had 2 seasons to pick a replacement, is it your view we should just move Salah on and get the replacement in, or just get the replacement in and see what happens with Salah? Sounds as though he's going sooner or later?

Is Pepe your choice? If not then who do you see as the ideal man?

Cheers for your time. Still a great site after all these years.

{Ed001's Note - it doesn't look like Salah will go this summer, but if he were to go Pepe would be an option. It would depend on price, salary demands and his desire to join if he would be the number one choice in that instance.

Yes, it would be re-examined again, with players scouted over the season next time around. It would almost certainly rule out Pepe as he is almost certain to move this summer, which is part of his appeal, he is available.

It really depends on Salah's attitude as to what I would do. From what I have seen or heard, I do think it has to be considered but it is not that easy to sell a player of his quality as only a few clubs can afford him.

My choice was Pulisic but we missed out on him, for me Son is the one who would be the best option as he would allow for much more flexibility. He, Firmino and Mane would all be capable of playing any of the 3 positions.}

36.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 21:33:30
Son would be a dream come true for me Ed. I'd love to see that happen.

{Ed001's Note - me too, I have been saying for years on here we should have signed him, long before he went to Spurs. Great player.}

37.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 20:58:27
It's funny how complete nonsense gets so quickly spread around like common facts. Salah said this salah said that, salah chooses to stay another year or if salah decides to leave this summer. Where are people getting the info from. Salah has a long term contract with a huge valuation currently. It's hardly in his hands whatsoever when and where he decides to go, he holds no control at all in this situation as of now.

38.) 16 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 22:35:26
Sorry Ed001 mate so is absolutely categorically zero chance we bring in Pépé this window and Salah stays?

39.) 17 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 23:09:09
It's actually amusing that a Sunday article with headline of "salah rejects €150m offers" followed by a write up which contains so many huge revelations, and the only slight reference of source is 3 words. "Mirror sport reveal". Why are using that as any sort of fact. I believe salah does want a move soon, we will be in control of when though. Anyone suggesting salah has any choice in when and where he moves really need to stop this. So if salah has clearly been trying to drum up interest to leave at some point (this is accurate) and then an offer of 150 is produced, but not us, only salah has a say and he decides to reject this move he's seeking to play another season and then get to choose what he wants again. Are we that deluded to twist this story to such nonsense without any information whatsoever in term of source. Then add that pepe is his replacement without any substance.

In fact the only thing that has been added as of late other than tabloid headlines is we have shown interest in cornet. If seen the ed answer that clearly with confidence maybe 3 times, yet I've seen pepe mentioned 100 times. Posters have today been typing abuse towards Salah when in fact he hasn't shown any signs of disrespect to us at all. No talking to the media, no transfer requests, he's on a long contract so won't be holding us to ransom. I'd say it's common knowledge between everybody that if salah wants his big move to happen, he needs to perform well this season to show he's worthy of that money. Win win for everybody. We never once let control us, he refused to play in August, we kept him, his only choice then is to perform til the next window or else Barcelona won't give what we want. Players on long contracts have no power at all, and if anyone actually thinks that salah has any input in how mega clubs like Madrid and liverpool deal with a colossal amount of money, please stop this rubbish.

40.) 17 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 23:12:21
Would son be achievable?

41.) 17 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 23:23:55
Thanks Ed. Great reply.

42.) 17 Jun 2019
16 Jun 2019 23:25:53
And yes, Son would be amazing.

We saw Klopp taking a few moments with him after the final. I'm not suggesting anything but would Son be achievable?

43.) 17 Jun 2019
17 Jun 2019 01:01:43
Do you really think a club like lille, are in any situation to hold out for 3 huge clubs to bid anything close to that. He will move for half that price. Fernandes only last week had every club queing up to pay 70mil too. Any bid of 40 mil would be accepted immediately. If Felix was only allowed to leave benfica this year for his 110mil buyout clause it would have been met already.

They could hardly be capable of rejecting a 60-70 mil bud. 3 regularly touted all summer as the hottest properties with huge clubs interested. All at weaker clubs with 1 season success, while other players around Europe being signed for much less. Pepe might be a possible competition option with a 30 35 mill bid, certainly wouldn't be promised a key role at any club like bayern, juve or us. It's all complete made up rubbish.

A week after fernandes was being heralded as the next great midfielder with every club after him suddenly nothing of any interest. For close to 70 million you are wanting a sane, son, dembele, dybala, guedes, mahrez, lacazette, havertz, . Many would cost much less. It's always the same made up garbage.

44.) 17 Jun 2019
17 Jun 2019 05:36:04
I don't get why people donot believe in origi. What has he got to do to earn a spot? With the kind of situation he has had with us, coming back, keeping it all away and scoring in so many crucial games let alone the final, shows sheer commitment and will. Time we show some respect. A player who has set his mind to leave from day 1 against a player who has fought around flopped around and yet worked hard.

I donot for one minute believe klopp can't work miracles with origi. Origi for me has the tools.
I mean yea we can go ahead and get pepe but he is hardly a salah replacement. If he has been scouted and recommended to klopp we really need to do better.

45.) 17 Jun 2019
17 Jun 2019 10:15:51
I understand why people are irate.

But I really hate this mentality of hating on players once there are rumours they might leave.

Salah is a top player and recognised as one of the best forwards in football. Sane and Pepe are nowhere near of his standard right now. Nowhere near. Let’s not pretend like he’s not a good player.

DESPITE THIS, I think one thing we can all agree on (especially after Couts leaving) is that we can trust Klopp and team to adapt the team and improve us regardless of departures! He is not irreplaceable.

46.) 17 Jun 2019
17 Jun 2019 12:22:39
salah can have a desire to go next year and still perform this year. I think we need to wake up a bit as fans and realize that the players aren't driven by their love for liverpool fc like we are. We want superstars then we want them to have unconditional love for lfc whilst being model citizens whose poo is colored liverpool red. . . reality is the big names will look for bigger opportunity. Sorry that not all players see LFC as the only club for them.