24 May 2019 12:28:05
Liverpool have been keeping a close eye on Ayoze Perez and have approached Newcastle with an enquiry as to his availability.

1.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 12:59:53

2.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 14:23:13
Maybe not, mark. Maybe they inquired about his availability as a hairdresser, or they could be keeping a close eye on him because he was seen sniffing around the dumpster round the back of the training ground.

3.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 16:31:51
Gotta ask why would it be nonsense?

4.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 16:58:26
He's not good enough for this level.

5.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 17:51:57
because there would be 20+ better options and if it was a choice on Perez or no one I am fairly certain it would be no one.

6.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 17:54:07
Any updates on Bertrand tryora.

7.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 18:06:18
oh stop it, everyone. he's really good. underrated. it wouldn't shock me if he is on our watch list, but what does that really mean. there's a long ways to go from being watched to being serious about acquiring.

8.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 18:31:14
Well I respect your opinion but it's absolutely true that Liverpool feel Perez is an option and they are interested in him. He can play in the false nine role, either wing and would be available for around £20 million.

As I mentioned an enquiry has been made so you could possibly hear about it soon enough.

9.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 18:52:32
I am just going to add this. There are a few players not considered good enough to be a red that Klopp has turned into a fans favourite. Ryan Fraser could be next.
Or Wif Zaha
Or van aanholt
Or gylfi Sigurdsson.

10.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 20:26:14
Wrong post to reply to langland.

Wilf Zaha is being touted as a £80m transfer. So that's him as a no go.

Van Aanholt's best position is left back and Robertson is better. He wouldn't want to be back up.

Sigurdsson would be expensive too and I don't think he justifies value. He creates tons of chances but most are crosses to the outside of the box and have a 20% chance of becoming an effort on target. He can shoot from distance but I don't see the same work ethic as Klopp likes from his midfielders. He certainly doesn't work as hard as Milner, Henderson or Lallana.

11.) 24 May 2019
24 May 2019 22:29:59
Well said potato.

12.) 25 May 2019
25 May 2019 07:39:53
To the people who suggest that Perez isn't good enough for Liverpool. He was the hardest working forward in the league, he completed 60 tackles compared to Firmino who completed 29. He scored 12 league goals in a very average Newcastle team, the same as Firmino. He made 42 interceptions compared to Firmino who made 6 interceptions. However Firmino completed more passes, 1279 compared to Perez who completed 779.

At the age of 25, for someone who can play anywhere across the front from inside forward to false number nine, and with plenty premier league experience, why is it so hard to believe that Liverpool have made an enquiry for this player? If Liverpool sign him or not is a different matter, I'm just sharing what I know and that is that Liverpool have been watching him closely and see him as a realistic option.

13.) 25 May 2019
25 May 2019 08:40:29
Good player Perez.

He at Newcastle and that explains his low passes.

Great shout to go for him imo.

14.) 25 May 2019
25 May 2019 12:51:00
Bhayne you make a good case. Let's see what happens. Easy though to compare with Firmino last season as he had a well below par season.

15.) 25 May 2019
25 May 2019 15:30:25
My sentiments too bhayne. Looks decent the times I've seen him and is a grafter which Klopp likes. Case of snobbery me thinks.

16.) 26 May 2019
26 May 2019 12:55:56
People said the same things aboit robbo and aoc. When are people going to stop questioning our recruitment?

17.) 26 May 2019
26 May 2019 14:14:00
Yes I think people seem to forget that Klopp and his team of coaches has the ability to improve players.

Being around top quality players day in day out can also make you up your game. As mentioned above, Robbie and the Ox are perfect examples, even Gomez alongside Van Dijk.

If Liverpool do sign Perez I think it could be a great bit of business.