18 Apr 2019 10:46:35
Hi Ed002,

Just saw on the united page you gave a great in depth run down of the interested players and outgoings of the club.

Could you do something similar for Liverpool please.

Much appreciated.

Tommy T.

{Ed002's Note - Will do when time allows Tommy.}

1.) 18 Apr 2019
18 Apr 2019 11:08:09
Must be a big list.

2.) 18 Apr 2019
18 Apr 2019 19:24:06
Ed2 just read the man u post. Not for the first time - wow! I marvel at your knowledge!

3.) 19 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 01:31:05
thanks mate

Tommy T.

4.) 19 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 09:47:54
Hello Ed, I hope life is treating you well?

I was just wondering when the next sharkopod will be mate? I'm guessing some point in the early summer? either way I look forward to it!

Take care mate.

{Ed002's Note - I can only do them when time allows, but will try and provide a summary (as I have been doing for other sides) later today.}

5.) 19 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 11:55:24
You're awesome ed002. All I want to say really.

6.) 19 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 12:02:43
Fantastic cheers Ed2.

7.) 19 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 12:40:21
Wooooooop cheers Ed, your a star.

8.) 19 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 11:23:59
Cheers 002, looking forward to it.

9.) 19 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 14:41:07
Nice 1 ed.
Appreciate everthing you do and all the others eds as well.

10.) 19 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 14:47:01
Legend Ed002!

11.) 19 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 15:06:57
Thank you Ed a great summary, should answer a good few questions for a while lol. I like the sound of Brandt being The focus of attention if he becomes available.

12.) 19 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 15:39:06
I really hope Salah stays. 😀🤞.

13.) 19 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 15:42:59
Cheers Ed, it will be interesting to see what direction we head in with the defensive positions as it seems like we haven’t firmed up on any interest in specific players, hopefully that points to Lewis getting a crack. I like the look of Brandt as well as most on here, hopefully he can be that quality player we need to rotate mane and Salah a bit. Was just wondering though, the expectation is that Matip will move on if a young CB comes in? I thought perhaps lovren wouldn’t want to be third choice at this stage of his career and may have been the one to make way.

{Ed002's Note - There has been no effort to replace either.}

14.) 19 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 17:19:59
Incredible, thanks a lot ed.

15.) 19 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 18:43:20
Massive amount of information, thanks for putting in the time and effort Ed, it's really appreciated.

{Ed002's Note - Appreciate it.}

16.) 19 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 19:46:16
Wow, incredible Ed2. Thank you mate. Hope you're having a good night!

{Ed002's Note - After this I went to the local pub for a couple of hours. Thanks.}

17.) 19 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 19:50:55
Lol! I don't blame you Ed mate!

18.) 19 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 20:51:06
Thank you so much ed2 sir - this is amazing!
Curious - is this avalanche of knowledge all in your head? Researched? Just wondering how the magic happens.

{Ed002's Note - I am too old to remember stuff so it is written down.}

19.) 20 Apr 2019
20 Apr 2019 10:40:38
Unreal Ed.

Your knowledge and expertise never fails to suprise. Thanks for all your effort.

20.) 20 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 22:02:25
Wow what a treat. Thanks ed002.

I’d like to hope we can keep our first 11 this year and maybe add Brandt and possibly Dael Fry then promote Lewis. Keep Origi and Brewster as backups for front three. First 11 playing well don’t see the need to upset the squad to much rather focus on clearing anyone out that’s no longer really needed so when one of those ‘star’ players leave we have the budget and wage bill to replace.

{Ed002's Note - I think that would be a good summer.}

21.) 20 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 22:35:37
Thanks Ed02 don't let the haters put you off giving such amazing insight.

22.) 20 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 23:34:22
Thank you ED002, this is a wealth of insight for us. Much appreciated for you taking the time to update us.

23.) 20 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 23:43:33
Brilliant update Ed002, many thanks.

24.) 20 Apr 2019
19 Apr 2019 23:45:01
Amazing stuff Ed. I bow to your knowledge.

25.) 20 Apr 2019
20 Apr 2019 00:03:25
Thank you for the time and effort that goes into making this such a brilliant site. The insider knowledge is invaluable we are so lucky this is a free service, outstanding.
For the first window ever i won't be be anxious for new faces because of how strong we are already and we'll improve again next year through coaching and continuity alone, brandt would be a bonus luxury signing and maybe a few tweeks for cover but as long as we keep the best 18-20 players in the squad id be content if no1 came in.

26.) 20 Apr 2019
20 Apr 2019 15:04:46
Thank you very much ed002.

27.) 20 Apr 2019
20 Apr 2019 19:42:31
Ed that's awesome, really appreciated now hopefully it closes the book on some of the players linked to us. Great work.