16 Oct 2018 12:09:13
Hi Reds and Eds,

Just came back from a year in Georgia where i was lucky enough to see Atlanta play a few times. Miguel Alamrion, attacking midfielder has some strong links to Arsenal, have Liverpool looked at him or any MLS players for that matter?

I know the MLS is a few streets away from European football in terms of quality but they do have some very talented players. How long do you think it will be before clubs around Europe start bringing MLS players over. Its quite common in Germany. McKennie for example at Schalke brilliant young midfielder, will Premier league clubs soon catch on to this?

I know the second part isn't really Liverpool related but i would appreciate your 2 'cents'.

Thanks Eds, if you have any questions regarding MLS feel free to comment, the level of football isn't as bad people think.

{Ed002's Note - You really need the Arsenal page about Almiron where everything has been answered. Whilst there is interest in him from a couple of Premier League sides, and from Italy, there has been no interest from Liverpool. In terms of interest in other MLS players and putting aside a bad experience with Brooks Lennon, the last there was interest in from Liverpool, as I recall, was LA GAlaxy's Gyasi Zardes perhaps four years ago. Premier League clubs will rarely look to the MLS because of Work Permits not being easy to obtain. Liverpool had a great scout who used to provide fantastic leads from South America and he used to cover the US as well - but the current regime kicked him out for reasons that were never explained to him.}

1.) 16 Oct 2018
16 Oct 2018 13:02:33
Which scout was that ed?

{Ed002's Note - Diego Caniggia.}

2.) 16 Oct 2018
16 Oct 2018 13:06:35
Thanks Ed002, I'll have a look at the arsenal page now. He was just one of the stand out players, Villalba was another player who looked the real McCoy. Zarades, Strange one that woudln't have thought he'd fit the Klopp of Rodgers way of play. Do work permits affect players going to the US or is it only into the Uk? Because i might be wrong but Im sure there was interest in Reece Oxford going to the states to play his game.

I'll be sure to use this site again. Thanks for your help.

{Ed002's Note - Players like Villalba cannot move to the UK. Local Work Permit rules exist in most countries, like the US. In the US if a non-resident professional sportman wants to earn money then they need a P1 or O1 visa.}

3.) 16 Oct 2018
16 Oct 2018 17:03:57
Thank you ed.