08 Aug 2018 21:56:51
Reading that palace have offered £18 million for Origi. Not sure if it's true, but if it is and we manage to get £20 million for Ings too that's good business on the last day.

Can anyone confirm if mayo ice has been sold yet?

1.) 08 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 22:25:46
Would be best for all parties if true (origi) . With sturridge looking Sharpe and shaquiri we have enough back up scorers. Imgsy though I would love to get a year from him and loan out Solanke.

2.) 09 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 23:50:47
Fekir to Chelsea?
Lordy, my prayers have been answered.

Their recruitment is all over the shop lately.
Where's the Grand Plan now?

{Ed0333's Note - all over the shop how so?

3.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 01:31:51
Not really sure how you can say they’re all over the shop. Once again Chelsea thrives in the seemingly chaotic window and comes out with a pretty good transfer list.

4.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 06:08:20
Late change of manager and system of play?
Over-priced late signings, loans replacing failed signings, was Fakir a number 1 target or are they happy with a Liverpool reject, signings that may hinder the development of home-grown talent (specifically Loftus-Cheek), a failure (so far) to deal with the lack of goals (striker)?

The late movement all feels like a rushed appeasement for their star man.

I would never write off Chelsea because they've gotten in quality people but it could take time to bind together, and how much patience the owner and Mr Hazard are prepared to show may be interesting to note?

5.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 06:21:20
Maybe Fekir will play as a striker for Chelsea.

6.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 08:03:47
We seem to be happy enough with a Chelsea reject.

7.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 08:02:15
Haha, Chelsea’s window has been a sh*t show lol

I think the only positive they can take is they’ve held onto Kante and Hazard, which is basically the Spurs mentality for transfer windows 😂

I think we have had far and away the best window. Arsenal have also tried to shore up some problem positions.

{Ed002's Note - Lyon approached Chelsea because they have been interested in Fekir in the long term and oasked after the player earlier this summer. Arsenal has even longer standing interest as do a couple of other clubs. The posts from Liverpool supporters are getting embarrassing again.}

8.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 09:07:29
if signing a quality young keeper, kovacic, jorginho and potentially fekir then I've woken up in an alternate world?

9.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 09:24:28
Wow NK, you are blatantly too bitter mate.

10.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 09:37:20
They've had a good window and addressed problems, this post just sounds bitter. Focus on Liverpool!

11.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 09:06:18
Well said ed002. Can you just imagine if Liverpool went for Fekir now how embarrassing would these posters look. Not that we will be until January that is.

{Ed002's Note - You don't think they are working on it as I type then?}

12.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 09:45:58
87red, I think that is the only explanation. I had thought they got in some decent signings until I read the above and found out I was clearly wrong! haha.

13.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 09:46:19
I do think Chelsea need a striker though, unless Morata pulls his finger out.

14.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 10:03:13
Nope, still can’t work out ‘mayo ice’?!


15.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 10:04:45
Seriously, we have had a great window and we already have a fantastic team. Let's just look forward to the new season. I'm absolutely salivating ;)

16.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 10:28:09
I think we have had a very good window and as fans should be appreciative.

It also looks like Chelsea are going to end up having a good window if not a bit late. If they get Fekir good luck to him, i personally hope we don't go for him purely based on the reservations we have on the previous knee issues he has had. If we feel that strongly about the injury that a transfer falls through, don't go back in.

17.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 10:35:49
You never had “mayo ice” Zed?

Lovely stuff 😋.

18.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 10:44:48
I’m not sure if I’m on my own here but for me Chelsea look really strong on paper, if they can get a striker in they are bang in with a chance of challenging.

19.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 11:35:29
We have a fantastic team/ squad on paper but have nothing won yet. let's not get carried away. It will be interesting to see what the posts on here will be like if we dare to draw a few in a row or heaven forbid loose one.
Having said that I'm really looking forward to the season ahead but realise we can't win them all YNWA.

20.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 12:15:55
Yep, Chelsea look like they're a striker away from challenging. Lfc only need Lovren to keep up the consistency he's shown since January and we'll have a team capable of winning trophies.

21.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 12:48:49
Did I read that right? Fekir a Liverpool reject? Tad harsh if you ask me? I know he has a sore knee from previously falling over off a climbing frame but a reject? World Cup winning reject eh who knew?

22.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 10:09:44

When you say “they” are working on it as you type, are you referring to Liverpool working on signing Fekir, or Chelsea are working on signing Fekir?

Or have I completely mis intetpreted what you wrote there?


23.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 10:41:37
Hiya ed002. When you say. (so you don't think they are working on it as I type) who do you mean lfc or cfc.

{Ed002's Note - Nothing will happen with him now.}

24.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 17:13:52
Mayo ice? Markov?

25.) 09 Aug 2018
09 Aug 2018 17:52:20
Haha maybe a few too many wines from me 😳😂

But in all seriousness I do think we have had an amazing window and I am not bitter at all, not sure what I would be bitter about haha they’re not even in the CL.

Personally it looks like Chelsea have just treadead water by replacing their keeper with a less proven player, got ANOTHER CM on loan (not sure where they’re all going to play🤷🏻‍♂️😂) and still haven’t signed a striker that can put the ball in the net.

Agree to disagree I suppose though.

26.) 10 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018 18:18:31
Mayo is not eggsactly what I look for in an ice cream flavour, Ron 😉🤢.