12 Jul 2018 22:36:33
Shaqiri medical tomorrow after £13m fee agreed.

1.) 12 Jul 2018
12 Jul 2018 23:13:52
An absolute bargain for a top squad player. The type of signing that end up being critical as the season goes on.

2.) 12 Jul 2018
12 Jul 2018 23:23:05
It’s certainly looking that way, like it or lump it.

3.) 12 Jul 2018
12 Jul 2018 23:25:22
No doubt the boy has skills but it’s his attitude that worries me. Maybe JK will change him so if he signs he should be given the chance to prove us wrong. Decent money for a player of his calibre. His last chance though I reckon at a decent club.

4.) 12 Jul 2018
12 Jul 2018 23:41:53
There's no way at least

1. He has no idea how we play and how hard we work

2. Klopp going to or already has told him what to expect.

If he signs I'm hoping it's because he wants to show the world what we can do.

5.) 12 Jul 2018
12 Jul 2018 23:47:15
Time for tears, sulking and tantrums, and that’s just from people on this site!

6.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 00:00:19
A bargain.
Klopp will get his work rate up and he will give the squad a little more depth and quality.
If he wants game time he will have to up the work rate and I'm certain klopp will get more out of him than stoke did.

7.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 00:36:46
I’m really mixed about this idea of this transfer, but willing to reserve judgment until I’ve actually seen him play.

However, I do feel like if he joins it means the writing is on the wall for Wilson/ Ojo this season. Maybe I could be wrong though!

8.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 01:20:15
If it’s true I’ll be positive about him until he gives me good reason to be negative.

9.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 01:36:56
13 million for shaqiri well worth a chance. Can’t be worse than 20 on markovich. He will come in handy as the season goes on. Nice to see carra back on sky as well. Let’s hope he doesn’t spit all over Neville.

10.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 02:45:06
I've read somewhere Ojo will be part of the deal, I don't say its true just passing by what i've read.

11.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 05:37:54
4 years really is a long time. Maybe its because then it was Bayern and now its Stoke?

12.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 05:51:36
I read it was Harry Wilson on a loan deal.

13.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 07:05:39
It’s has always been documented that the release clause was 12 million so why would we pay 13?
Also we don’t need to throw in any players as a sweetener - if there is a release clause and we pay that amount he comes to us providing he wants to.
They may take one of our players on loan but I can’t see Klopp agreeing to release any of our best youngsters before pre season hasn’t properly started.

14.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 07:24:28
I think we had concerns of similar nature about Mane, Wijnaldum and Keita before they joined. Mane and Gini have been impeccable in terms of attitude so hopefully Shaqiri will also turn a page and start playing for the team.

We must admit though, what a player! I think he must be the best YouTube player ever because when he does score his strikes are stunning.

15.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 07:31:01
Bad egg in the squad.

16.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 08:47:56
Can’t go wrong at £12/ 13m if it doesn’t work then we would at least get our money back. And if it does work out it’s an absolute bargain. This is a quality addition to the squad as he’s definitely a good footballer.

17.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 08:58:02
anyone who had issues with the workrate of keita or mane before they joined needs their heads testing.

good player is shaqiri, i wanted him about 6 years ago. i also don't think he is as lazy as people suggest. in the current market, he's value would be nearer £30million i would think.

18.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 09:09:58
Somehow this reminds me of the Balotelli deal. Hope he proves me wrong.

19.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 09:15:00
For me he is a good squad player and i think will prove to be a good impact sub. Like many i rate his skills and with his natural left foot, he has proven that his shot from distance is worth a few quid alone. Work rate for me only issue, but maybe he is lazy with Stoke as he doesn't care so much about them?
That doesn't make it good by the way but hopefully we'll see a different side to him like with Switzerland.

20.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 09:59:47
I am sure the management team have spoke to him and like his attitude. They would not sign a bad egg and disrupt the squad.

Every year it is the same people whinging about players before they sign and recent signings have proved people wrong. Have faith.

I know who I would have rather come on in the final when Salah went off.

Welcome to LFC.

21.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 10:02:10
At the end of the day he's a 65min sub when squad at full strength. im sure he can work hard for 25mins. Majority of time we'll prob be 2 up anyway. Klopp ain't daft when shaqiri plays so will milner to cover his ass. Southampton just spent the same for a reserve? keeper. WC proved when he's got the bit between his teeth he's does work hard. Being in a winning team will bring that out. getting stuffed every week doesnt.

22.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 11:07:21
Not convinced or liking this transfer personally, but if Klopp sees something in him and he joins then I'll back him. Just hoping we fix the goalkeeper situation sooner rather than later.

23.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 11:07:29
Think its a cracking signing for the price, Klopp will get him straight, no disrespect but his last 2 managers of Hughes of Lambert aren't exactly on Klopps level, he will be a bargain.

24.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 11:41:10
Best signing for the price. Hope he can prove himself at LFC.

25.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 11:51:41
Are new super sub😁 sound!

26.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 12:02:03
Please, if true, let him show us and the rest of the EPL what he's got in his locker, and not turn into another Balotelli.

27.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 12:41:19
The only thing I am concerned about is his personal terms! If he does come in and it is clearly not working out for Liverpool and himself and we do want to move him how attractive would his salary be to another team even if they price is $10m.

28.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 12:59:39
He’s quite talented but very lazy with a poor attitude.
He will likely be an impact sub so if he can put in 200% effort in the 15-20 minutes a game he will likely get then he can be effective, big if though, Klopp and the coaching team have their work cut out.

29.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 13:14:51
Bad eggs/ attitudes don't last long in Klopps' squads. Anyone remember a player called Shako?

{Ed002's Note - Who do you want to replace Keita with then?}

30.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 13:30:58
Exactly. It's very hard to keep motivated when your losing.

Not many can crack on. Let's see how he gets on in a winning team with a happy camp and an insanely good manager. Oh and the kop. Also Salah, mane, firmino, keita, fabinho, Henderson, vvd. Yano not shawcross or anything. an er maybe fekir or summit ;)

31.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 13:32:04
He's ok Ed002. He's allowed to sulk ha ha. Klopp will sort them all out hopefully when it comes to the sulking. I got the feeling on a few occasions that Mane was trying it on but it was sorted out and he finished the season very strong. Could have easily gone the other way.

{Ed002's Note - Sulking is not his issue. He is a complete jerk on and off the field.}

32.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 15:48:09
Massively underwhelmed by Shakira's signing unless she can play in goal of course.

33.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 15:55:06
I wonder how the guys in the academy are feeling yet another average player blocking their path to the first team bit disappointing to be honest
Up the pool.

34.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 15:59:43
Bargain price up to klopp to sort him out.

35.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 17:42:16
Sorry Ed002. Knew he was temperamental on the pitch but didn't realise he was the same off it. Cheers. Keep up the good work.

{Ed002's Note - Bonehead.)

36.) 13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018 19:23:56
Who is Shako? Shaquille O'neill?

37.) 14 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018 13:09:11
Exact question I was asking Cjf60 lol. Sorry meant Sakho of course.