08 Jun 2018 09:41:09
Has Fekir failed his medical eds?

{Ed001's Note - no, he can't fail something he hasn't had.}

1.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 09:44:22
What's happening?

1. Are we playing games?
2. Is Lyon playing games?
3. Are both playing games?

2.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 09:50:52
Thanks for the very quick reply ed001, much appreciated. Trying to keep calm amid lots of conflicting reports! Now seeing he'll be announced before stock market closes!

3.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 09:55:44
My head hurts 😩.

4.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 09:56:49
Can everyone please just calm down and stay off twatter for one day? I know it's a lot to ask, but these things take some time to get done. Just take a chill pill and enjoy your Friday, all will be revealed in good time.

5.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 09:59:30
It's a game of two halves.

6.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 10:11:45
Guys, there’s only two sources of info we should be really listening to, the Ed’s on here and the official website.

The media circus just copy each other.

If it’s meant to be it’ll happen, if not we move on.

7.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 10:13:07
I think it's because Lyon are public listed. This transfers is affecting their share price even though it's not complete. Lyon are just calming things down until a formal announcement can be made.

8.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 10:21:17
Liverpool have not said anything on this matter so no worries. Let’s relax and wait for Liverpool.

9.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 10:34:37
When the club make the announcement it’ll be done. Until then, keep an eye on what ed2 says or better yet, try to figure out what wonder dog sparky is hinting at.

10.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 11:18:53
Eds can you please provide an update on the fekir situation?
From Lyon's tweet it is clear that we haven't reached an agreement but do you know what the current situation is?

{Ed002's Note - I cannot comment on the timing of transfers.}

11.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 11:59:45
Ed001 can i push my luck and ask do you know if a medical for fekir is planned?

{Ed001's Note - when a fee is agreed.}

12.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 12:07:00
Take a deep breath every body. In through the nose out through the mouth. And repeat.

13.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 12:16:20
Got a feeling this is Lyon saying we will not be pushed over regards terms, it could be a payment term snag or anything holding the deal, stop panicking we have loads of time.

14.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 12:16:27
Loic Remy II.

15.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 12:17:41
Hi eds, James Pearce already said Fekir taking medical. So what do u meant by Fekir has not taken medical?

16.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 12:29:38
Medical done and announcement due upon close of French Stock Market.

17.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 12:32:02
Genuine update for all those asking the eds for updates. Not a rumour but a guarantee. The transfer so any players will be officially completed on the .

Day it's confirmed by the club's involved. So sit back and chill and stop asking the eds questions they have never answered.

18.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 12:33:31
Why doesn’t everyone stop nagging for information that just isn’t there at present.

19.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 12:57:17
Lyon are a listed company and are not allowed to anounce the transfer until 4 pm uk time medical is done and deal will be anounced dead on 4.01 i guarantee it.

20.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 13:04:24
James Pearce isn’t in the know anymore. He would be best served getting a job in Glasgow.

21.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 12:19:12
Ed002, I understand the you can't answer about the timing and I'm not asking you about it. What I meant to ask was, has there been any progress with regards to the transfer since the last time, you told that we were in contact with Lyon.
Thank you.

{Ed002's Note - I have said I expect it to go ahead. I have no interest in asking if the nurse has asked him to cough just yet. It seems ridiculous that you all crave these minute by minute updates.}

22.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 14:17:56
Here, here Ed!

It really must be so infuriating for you with the non stop questions about is it, isn't it.

23.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 14:30:26
Apparently there'll be no announcement of Fekir signing til after 5pm GMT . when the French Stock Market closes.
LFC sought a second opinion on a knee issue but everything ok and he passed his medical.

24.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 14:53:16
Sorry ed002. Didn’t intend to annoy you.
Thank you.

25.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 15:32:54
We are like kid's on Christmas morning Ed both anxious and excited, don't be to hard on us.

26.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 15:35:13
I am surprised we don't demand the eds pick up cameras and follow the Liverpool medical staff this way we would be able to watch the medicals and see exactly when the nurse is asking Fekir to cough!

Thank you Eds for your insights, reports and most importantly for not leaving!

27.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 15:39:05
Can all you lot relax? Lmao it'll be done soon, in the meantime just have a coffee or something.

28.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 15:46:53
My info, which is generally good, was that he failed the first medical because of issues he had with a knee injury in 2016, but he was having another one this afternoon.

29.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 15:47:35
Valium anyone😁.

30.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 15:54:45
What a awful thread! If I was and Ed I would quit right now.

31.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 15:56:27
I can confirm that the nurse has now asked him to cough, and he has done so.

32.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 15:57:15

He has a BOIL!

This could all end messily.

33.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 16:21:33
I genuinely feel sorry for you Eds today! wow.

34.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 16:44:46
The only good thing for the eds. we are doing our business early in the window. So in 2 weeks time; after alison signs. they can have a break for the rest of the window lol.

35.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 16:44:11
Liver_La, sorry to be pedantic, but its actually 5pm BST. GMT is an hour behind, so it will be 4pm GMT.

Just saying, like.

Now, I've got some trains to spot :)

36.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 17:00:20
Hi eds, can you please clarify if a fee has to be agreed for a medical to take place? Ed1 mentioned a medical for fekir will be done when a fee is agreed however I thought if clubs were in negotiations and not far off reaching an agreement, the selling club could allow a medical if they wanted. And similarly with allowing a buying club to discuss terms with the player. I imagine this would typically happen at transfer deadline day too. This may have nothing to fo with fekirs delayed announcement but is a possibility in my head (e. g. basic fee agreed but haggling over 1 mill add on, or agent fee responsibility etc) . Thanks for your help and the information you provide, i thought i knew a lot about how transfers worked but have learned a lot from this site.

{Ed001's Note - it is possible but very few clubs allow one before a fee is agreed.}

37.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 18:32:37
Listen to the the Eds!