29 May 2018 16:06:51
Long time reader first time poster. Thank you Ed's (esp. 02) for all of your realistic responses, better to have these than wildly optimistic comments people want!

The rumour: Fekhir is done, not sire if Lyon prefer the announcement is made after the WC or not but it may be the case.

Source: Make of this what you will, my mate has a contact who sent him a badly taken photo. The comment received was that a deal has been done with Lyon for Fekhir. The photo was of someone who looked like Fekhir in a Liverpool shirt, with a green screen behind him. A typical photoshoot setup.

1.) 29 May 2018
29 May 2018 16:20:09
Love an old school rumor, Hope it's true!

2.) 29 May 2018
29 May 2018 16:32:48
Hope it is true!

3.) 29 May 2018
29 May 2018 16:54:34
I've uploaded a photo of said picture to sightings. It's on Twitter so I doubt there's anything to it.

4.) 29 May 2018
29 May 2018 17:39:38
I don't see anything on the sightings page? Hope this is true! Get all our business done as soon as possible!

5.) 29 May 2018
29 May 2018 17:47:47
Probably just waiting for an Ed to approve it. If you search fekir on Twitter you find it pretty easily.

6.) 29 May 2018
29 May 2018 18:42:41
It looks really fake the photo.

7.) 29 May 2018
29 May 2018 19:29:41
It's a fraud. i've put the compairson in the Sightings. Upper picture, the Fabinho photo shoot.

{Ed033's note - no picture came through on the Sightings page.

8.) 29 May 2018
29 May 2018 18:25:58
Just seen it, looks photoshopped too me.

9.) 29 May 2018
29 May 2018 20:29:53
I've posted on sightings again, no idea why it didn't work first time. Looks fake anyway as said above.