15 May 2018 14:00:21
Exciting summer for us Reds and expect a flurry of activity to occur in early June where our targets will be sold on to raise funds for their own projects, this is what I have heard as short listed on top of the
Naby Keita done deal.

Andreas Christensen
Sead Kolasinac
Nabil Fekir
Manuel Lanzini.

1.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 14:35:25
No interest in 3 of those. Fekir is of interest as we are aware but no contact to Lyon and a deal will be tough. Interest from elsewere and Lyon are hard nosed to deal with.

2.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 14:53:54
Andreas Christensen? Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. And why would Chelsea sell him?

3.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 15:28:01
Are you serious Harry? You spend 365 days of the year saying we will/ should sign Jorginho, Kovacic, Modric, Weigl, Insigne, Icardi, Pjanic, Mertens and Koulibaly. Then come here to laugh at someone for suggesting Christensen? πŸ˜‚

I am going to print a screenshot of this moment and selotape it into my personal dictionary under the word "hypocrisy".

4.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 15:32:12
Would love Christensen but there's no chance they'd sell.

5.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 15:59:51
His form hasn't been good of late. He is still recovering from the dummies Suarez was selling him. At one point I thought he had left the stadium when Suarez was showing him some moves. He is a mile of Van Dyke for me. No better than Gomez will be.

6.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 16:16:27
Wish list
Alderweireld/ koulibaly
Nevas (wolves)
Keita (done deal)

Think we will end up with fekir and possibly Malcom from that list. Ed001 was saying a rb is a priority but I would rather get one of the names above for cb and keep taa and Gomez there for next season for more experience. Whoever klopp gets I'll back 100% cause I ate some humble pie regarding ox this season and glady so.

7.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 16:28:23
Why is Butland in no ones wish list.? πŸ˜….

8.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 18:25:58
Butland is no better than Mignolet.

9.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 18:45:31
I always follow up on players we have looked at or they have been of interest. Or I would add β€œ I would love us to sign” in the top of my post. This had nothing and he claims this is as good as fond deals!
I have no problem if someone dream of us signing Messi. Dreams are a path to success 😊😊.

10.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 18:47:10
I’d go with

Right back
De Ligt.

11.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 19:14:06
Lanzini is not the calibrate of footballer we should be looking at. He’s very very ordinary at best.

12.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 19:38:13
King Carlos just plucking feathers from an Xmas turkey already.

13.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 19:58:39
I know Harry, it was just banter mate. I don't believe the OP's info is correct either, but keep in mind that it is a rumours site. These types of posts are the lifeblood of the site. So we shouldn't laugh them off the boards just because they don't match what Ed002, Ed001 or Macca say. Sorry if you took offense mate, I meant it light heartedly.

14.) 15 May 2018
15 May 2018 23:24:47
Chill MK. I would personally love Christiansen at Liverpool. A very good defender. No idea why kolasinac though. He like Moreno is everything but a defender.

15.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 00:37:04
Id prefer Hazard from Chelsea over any other player . 1 yr left on his contract . just sayin.

16.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 13:12:43
Alisson/ Reina
Right back
Alderweireld/ koulibaly
Ceballos/ ndidi

17.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 15:13:15
The Everton keeper was relegated with Sunderland but had been their best player in a very poor season he was making saves left right and center that got him his move to Everton Butland on the other hand is injury prone has had a poor season made many mistakes through stokes season looked poor against us at anfield so why would we buy him? We want a top class keeper who the outfield players no that on a break away they have the best behind them and I am sorry but Karius is not that keeper so we need a massive keeper signing top keepers equals points.

18.) 17 May 2018
17 May 2018 09:37:51
Stats show him to be 15th best keeper in premiee league this season.
Not currently good enough for us to win the league.

{Ed001's Note - stats are nonsense. There is no reliable way to rank keepers via stats.}

19.) 17 May 2018
17 May 2018 12:09:52
The stat that counts how many soft goals they let in and how many certain goals they saved goes a lon way to rank goalkeepers. Karius stats are poor. We won't win prem whilst we have karius.

{Ed001's Note - no it doesn't. There is a lot more to it than that or Neuer would never have been ranked amongst the best. I really wish people would stop trying to use stats as they clearly do not understand how to read them.}

20.) 17 May 2018
17 May 2018 13:38:45
1. Butland is a superior and younger keeper than migs. He has come back from a major injury so I would judge his entire career rather than last 6 months.
2.karious is getting more confident, with that and again age comes better more consistent performances.
3. Dr gea was jank for the first 2 year. Again I repeat age and patients has improved him. Both of first two need time.

For me i believe karious will develop into a top class keeper, as will butland so see little point in buying butland if it's to develop him, as we should develop karious. If we buy then it needs to be off the shelf top quality or stick with what we have and spend in other areas.
Another LB (genuine competition for robbo)
Another cb (selling lovren)
Another cm
Another winger/ flexible forward (we will have injury in front 3 at some point, by have 4 to play in 3 place 1 will get every 4th game to rest)

21.) 17 May 2018
17 May 2018 15:35:50
Ed 01I don't know what your problem is but it seems that no one can have a different opinion from you.
At the end of the day, the best goalkeepers are the ones that concede least goals. I don't care if the goalie can play like Steven Gerrard or if he plays like Billie Bunter if he concedes fewest goals he is the best.

{Ed001's Note - or it could be that the one who concedes least goals plays behind the best defence. My problem is that people have no understanding of stats. Nothing to do with not wanting them to have a different opinion or I would delete 90% of the posts on here. Touchy people like you are the ones that get all arsey when someone disagrees, I am merely disagreeing with your posting up of stats you don't understand.}

22.) 17 May 2018
17 May 2018 15:45:20
The annoying thing about Migs is that he could be the keeper we need and his form towards the end of last season meant that we qualified for champions league. But then at the start of this season he starts throwing them in again.

23.) 18 May 2018
17 May 2018 23:51:47
Migs is a terrible keeper. Truly awful.