23 Apr 2018 10:33:17
Liverpool seem to want butland, expect a macca post to say similar eds.

1.) 23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 10:41:47
Question for everyone. Is Butland that much better than Ward? It's clear Butland is the more experienced GK (even more than Karius), but is there so much of a difference in skill to warrant letting Ward go and bringing Butland in?

2.) 23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 11:03:59
If he signs I will back him to the hilt, but my god am I hoping he doesn't sign. One of the few keepers in the league who is nearly as bad as Mignolet. Fraser Forster as back up Ed001? 😉.

{Ed001's Note - why not go the whole hog hey MKS?}

3.) 23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 12:37:03
With Stoke almost certainly going down Butland will want to move but, right now, he'd be coming here as no 2.

If he has the guts to come here and fight with Karius for the shirt then respect to him and I'd be ok with that. I think it would mean that all talk of a superstar goalie would be over though.

4.) 23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 13:04:24
We don't have any interest in Butland!

5.) 23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 14:09:14
This is just a rumour being spread by Graeme Kelly on twitter who says we've already agreed to buy for £20m. he has been wrong on MANY occasions!

6.) 23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 15:10:19
I would rather cheer up Ed025 to pick up the gloves and do a job for us! He wouldn’t let us down my adorable ☺️☺️☺️. Butland is an upgrade or Hart which is what he is at his best!

7.) 23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 15:12:24
Klopp will have to sacrifice the defense in order to prioritize the attack. Navas to butland is a not a huge upgrade. We are saving every penny to splash it on other areas. Good!

8.) 23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 15:14:36
Forster is a rotten keeper MK, every bit as bad as Butland if not worse. I guess it could be worse, it could be Navas who is truly a shocking keeper.

9.) 23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 15:20:36
It’s like the Ox signing all over again!

10.) 23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 15:52:34
When he got the Stoke keeper role in 2015 he looked great and was arguably the best keeper in the league until his injury. Since then he hasn’t looked as good and has made a fair few mistakes this season which we have panned Mignolet and Karius for in the past, add to that his injury record and I can’t say his signing would excite me. I see him going to someone like West Ham.

11.) 23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 17:38:16
Slate Forster, sure, but he always does a good job of keeping t'ball out t'net when at Anfield.

12.) 23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 20:28:31
Butland has been out of form since the injury.

He was looking like a potential great before the injury. No reason why he can’t rediscover his form.

13.) 23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 21:31:27
By the way I realized that Macca's page is gone, is he still going to be sharing his "foresight" to us (as in ever)?

14.) 24 Apr 2018
24 Apr 2018 06:53:20
Goalies do get injured. Aren’t top clubs ideally supposed to have two decent keepers?

15.) 24 Apr 2018
24 Apr 2018 13:05:48
For 20m, Butland makes sense to me. He will have the chance to be Liverpool's goalkeeper; that should motivate him to reach his full potential.

If it doesn't work out, we should be able to sell without a loss - or even a profit. And Karius is proving more than able, at the moment.

Basically it' a freebie from our perspective.

{Ed001's Note - how on earth do you figure that out? A player who can't stay fit does not keep their value. Before his injuries he was rated at around 20m. Now, despite the obscene leap in transfer values, Butland is now valued at under 20m by anyone sane. Does that not tell you something?}

16.) 24 Apr 2018
24 Apr 2018 17:59:40
Well if what karius has done hasn't improved his standing in the first team then I'm unsure what type of form a keeper needs to show in 6 months. He's been magnificent for a young lad coming in with all the pressures of the crowd to goalkeepers thanks to migs and after his "dodgy" great run of 10 games with 6 clean sheets in his first season, thanks to being slaughtered by Jimmy Carra and everyone involved in punditry. Who clmaoured for freaking calamity back haha.