12 Apr 2018 16:30:08
Afternoon all, Ed1 if your about buddy, first off hope your well. Any news on Milner being offered new terms? He is a must keep for me one of our most influential players!

{Ed001's Note - he is contracted for one more year yet and there is a one year option in the deal, so don't stress yet.}

1.) 12 Apr 2018
12 Apr 2018 19:10:51
Ah good i had been told his contract was up this summer. Thanks.

{Ed001's Note - welcome.}

2.) 12 Apr 2018
12 Apr 2018 20:41:43
Do you think he will get much of a look in ed next season ed with the arrival of Keita and another? I think youve said already Lallana is likely to leave.

{Ed001's Note - so long as he maintains his fitness levels yes.}

3.) 13 Apr 2018
13 Apr 2018 07:10:28
It's funny how things change, with Can leaving and Wiji's form now in question Milner is likely to be our fourth midfielder (or fifth if we bring in a midfielder beyond Keita) . I like it when a player forces his way into contention though good form and hard work.

4.) 13 Apr 2018
13 Apr 2018 08:52:19
The plan is that Keita arrives with another sitting CM tbh. Is right ed?

{Ed001's Note - yep.}

5.) 13 Apr 2018
13 Apr 2018 13:29:08
Milner is playing class at the moment. I'm really struggling to get a picture of the midfield next year as we don't play with an AM currently and have very similar players

We definitely need a WORLD CLASS AM as we played with couts and to rotate with front three, as we won't buy a world class striker to sit on bench.

I see LEMAR / JORGINHO / CELLABOS or similar roles coming in as they seem constantly linked.

keita-OX / Lemar-Cellabos / jorg-hendo

where gigi-milner-lallana-wilson-woodburn will fit in I don't know.

ED. will klopp go for Lemar and Cellabos or just looking at the one AM.

{Ed002's Note - I would not hold your breath over both arriving Riomazy.}

6.) 13 Apr 2018
13 Apr 2018 14:21:37
Cellabos is the one most likely to leave his club, also the price will be much lower than Lemar, who I think is a bit over rated .

7.) 13 Apr 2018
13 Apr 2018 15:30:14
Ox Cellabos Keita looks like a good 3 in midfield to me. Milner Hendo Gini to rotate when needed.

Ed are we any nearer to a Sharkopod please so we can try and get a clear picture of what we are looking to do in Midfield please?

Sorty to ask. Please don't snap🤔.

{Ed002's Note - By the very basic principles of physics we are nearer all future events than we were before. I have explained before about midfield players and I am not aware of anything having changed at this time. So there is nothing new here:
Jorginho (DM) - Naturally more defensive than Emre Can and might require a change of tactics from Klopp if Liverpool were to get the best out of him in a similar position - interest from elsewhere and a move elsewhere more likely - player wants Manchester City.
Wilfred Ndidi (DM) - Another PL side are certainly ready to try and persuade Leicester to sell but they will resist a move this summer - as for a move to Liverpool, I know nothing of it.
Dani Ceballos (CM) a loan is possible before a decision is made but I still expect Liverpool to become involved in trying to strike a deal.
Kerem Demirbay (CM/AM) - Personally I don't seeany chance whatsoever of a move to Liverpool happening.
Max Meyer (M) interest from London sides, Italy and particularly RBL, with his club also wanting a new contract.
Valon Berisha (M) - Has been watched by scouts of several sides including Liverpool but only one has opened talks -mand it is not Liverpool.}

8.) 13 Apr 2018
13 Apr 2018 16:07:44
Hi Ed001,
What’s your opinion of Milner recently?

Personally think he has improved a lot and seems to be contributing to the team rather than just running around a lot.

{Ed001's Note - he has been getting better and more influential.}

9.) 13 Apr 2018
13 Apr 2018 17:51:23
Chees for update ed really appreciate it. I think from that lot Ceballos is more likely than all others based on what's been explained.

Thanks again.

10.) 13 Apr 2018
13 Apr 2018 23:02:06
Question to ED002 if possible.

If you were looking to bring the midfield player/ s in who would be your particular choices?

I don't mean out of the usual names banded around either necessarily. which players do you think could be realistic acquisitions and good buys, i guess is a better way of wording it.

All the best.

{Ed002's Note - Keita is arriving and he needs some work early on but it may work out OK. Ceballos is a player who has been of interest for a while and would be a good buy at the right price. That should do the club this summer in terms of out and out midfield players and they would be good choices - although the club has agreed a way over the odds price for Keita. Unless someone is leaving it is hard to suggest another player who would come in.}

11.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 00:11:46
Think the midfield done great recently if we can just get them An the crowd motivated the same as against city don’t see to many problems.

12.) 14 Apr 2018
14 Apr 2018 08:48:29
Hi Ed. Just a thought please, Draxler not been mentioned above but has previously. Is this because he is seen as an attacker rather than a CM.

{Ed002's Note - There are no attackers or wingers listed - you asked about midfield players. Give me a break.}