02 Mar 2018 12:16:48
Seen this morning the papers have jumped on the possibility of Marco Reus joining in the summer. I must be sceptical but I feel as this is just rumours created from the fact Reus celebrated in the week like Mane and Firmino. Eds I'd love you to tell me I'm wrong, any interest?

{Ed001's Note - I can't tell you anything about what the papers have said as I don't read them, but I trust you are correct that they have said it.}

1.) 02 Mar 2018
02 Mar 2018 14:36:00
reus has become the new gotze! very talented player but like gotze he has suffered from a lot of injuries.

2.) 02 Mar 2018
02 Mar 2018 15:40:59
Not sure Reus would be a priority to LFC.

Goalkeeper 1st
CM 2nd
CD 3rd

Anything else comes after them positions.

3.) 03 Mar 2018
03 Mar 2018 07:00:40
Whether the rumours are true about reus it got me thinking that 4 years ago we would have taken reus in a shot. Now he wouldn't get in the side, that shows progress.

4.) 03 Mar 2018
03 Mar 2018 09:58:06
There are a number of factors as to why I don't think we would make a move for him:

1) His injury issues are awful, he has struggled badly for fitness and it has affected him as a player.

2) The position he plays in is absolutely not a priority.

3) His price is still likely to be prohibitive despite his injury woes and we could simply find better ways of spending that money.

4) Klopp said he would not go back and raid his former club - so far he has not broken that 'promise', it seems unlikely he will do so in future.

It's likely a recycled story rather than anything new, the newspapers have got to print something so on quiet days the old links come out again. I'd be genuinely shocked if we did sign him and, to be honest, I hope we don't - a massively injury prone attacker whose transfer fee, wages, etc would be astronomical and who is a shadow of the player he was years ago.

5.) 03 Mar 2018
03 Mar 2018 22:29:32
TheKloppEnd, I knew a bloke once that danced like my ex missus! Does this mean Im going to end up sleeping with him?

6.) 04 Mar 2018
04 Mar 2018 19:12:29
All this silly talk about signing Reus really does get my Götze.