1.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 01:04:53
But our owners are shameful and only out for profit, they sold couts to recoup the vvd money. They won't spend big on AG.
Right pal? Which is it lol.

2.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 01:12:52
According to reports from Spain from a couple of months back he has already agreed terms with Barcelona.

Also he is really into nba and basketball in general so I don’t really make that much of him being in London for the nba game.

3.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 01:14:32
I don’t agree with a lot of things Waro says but he's been good enough to share some information he has heard and you jump on him!

4.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 01:20:05
Thanks for the rumour Waro. Don't always agree with you, but happy for any info anyone gets that is shared.

5.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 05:15:49
Ah but you see Benny B, if Griezmann were signed that would would surely mean that we're going to sell Salah at a *huge* profit in the Summer, also thus providing funds for Lemar.
You heard it here first.

But seriously, I rate Solanke and hope that he gets more game time in the coming months.
I can't ever see Griezmann at Liverpool but, then again, I never thought we'd get Klopp.

6.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 06:22:20
I used to doubthink FSG but, I really don't think they will be out solely for profit now we have Klopp. What would be the point of bringing in a top manager if you're not going to back him.

7.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 06:57:29
Who cares if they're out for profit as long as they make us better, which clearly they have from that shambles in 2010.

Woy, Konchesky, The Danish blond bombshell in midfield whose name escapes me right now (he was so good, not. ), we had such an awful squad and Woy was never suited to us.

We're now a world away from that awful mess, the owners have done a fine job and it's just plain silly to pretend otherwise.

Christian Poulsen - what a Rolls Royce of a player he was lol.

8.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 07:46:53
If he likes basketball we’ll start a fab team and buy Michael Jordan! He’s still a thing right?

9.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 08:29:35
Im sure MJ has is a shareholder in LFC aswell actually :D.

{Ed001's Note - no mate, it is LeBron James that is a minor shareholder.}

10.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 08:42:49
Griezmann - Really?

That's the latest shout by the lad from Bolton on Twitter. Mind you he has thrown Ozil in the mix just to cover his options. Frankly i don't care who we bring in as long as they add value to the side Klopp is building. I feel we are on the cusp of something over the next 12 months. Impressed with FSG and Klopp and the team are playing a brand of football that sets us above most teams in Europe. They know we we need to improve and it will be addressed.

11.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 12:30:21
the info that I have, is that its Ozil, but its best to get him towards the end of the window, and get the best price, he wants to come, its the price right now .

12.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 13:22:15
Would hope it isn’t Ozil, doesn’t really fit in with the high tempo pressing game does he.

13.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 14:11:39
Dunno about you guys and I like Griezmann but I’ll be disappointed if we don’t sign a top top keeper. Klopps way of playing encourages goals but attracts goals. i’d Be happy with Brad Friedle!

14.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 14:36:47
If the player is French as some are suggesting there is a player which may fit the Klopp profile. Adrien Rabiot, he's young (22) isn't getting regular game time at PSG and I understand he can play as a DM or a more creative CM. If Liverpool are pursuing, I understand his mother is quite involved in his career choices.

15.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 14:29:28
Griezmann to liverpool 7/2 to united barcelona 14/1 to stay 1/4, maybe Waro is right Macca said big big player.

16.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 14:33:34
Fat kid from Bolton gets all his info from this site. Lol
I remember Waro getting spot on lineup news week after week so I imagine this is from the same source and probably accurate as well.

17.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 14:37:17
My sources have also indicated that we are trying to sign AG. My source is cough Sky Sports Odds cough.

18.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 14:39:08
I appreciate the update Waro. Am inclined to believe that's what you've been told. I know you not one to fool around rumormongering. Whether it happens or not it's another matter.

Cheers mate.

19.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 14:41:42
As for those disagrees, what they disagreeing with? You disagree that this is the information Waro was given? Ludicrous, given some of the "rumours" we see on here.

I don't share many of Waro's views but god's sake be fair to the man.