11 Jan 2018 16:20:22
Talk of Grujic going to Huddersfield. Any truth to this Ed's? Think it would help the lad out in his development as Wagner plays a similar style to Klopp.

{Ed002's Note - Yes, and as has been explained he really needs to stay in England.}

1.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 16:53:01
Good move, hope he does well.

2.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 17:21:00
Shame. Every time I've seen him play he's impressed me. Really hope he gets back on track with this loan. With Coutinho leaving, Henderson injure and Can on his way out, now would be a great time for him to break his way into the team.

3.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 18:13:18
Surely now would be a great time for him to get some regular first team premier league football in preparation to try to break into our team next season. I think it would be a great move for both him (for his development and experience) and the club.

4.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 18:40:35
Perfect move for the lad! Hopefully if can hold down a place and impress could be like a new signing for next year. Just needs opportunity to prove himself, then perform and he will earn his opportunity.

{Ed002's Note - He has to play regularly or he will be gone in the summer.}

5.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 21:28:39
Great move for the lad! I hope he applies himself and earn a future in England.

6.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 21:58:07
Very good move with a great coach, Wagner will give him a chance and he should progress.

7.) 11 Jan 2018
11 Jan 2018 22:40:01
He's best moving on, we don't want another Markovic situation on our hands, Markovich deserved better treatment then he got here, it's damaged his career and I fear for Grujic should he stay at Liverpool because I think it's safe to say he won't get his chance with us and he deserves to, he has great potential. Does it look like Markovich will be moving on in this window?

8.) 12 Jan 2018
12 Jan 2018 07:03:30
Not trying to go too deep into the politics of the situation, but aren't Serbia about to join the EU meaning he won't require a WP soon.

It was planned that they'd join before 2019 if memory serves, but not sure if this has updated since.

I'm a bit behind on EU stuff these days, have far more of a grasp on South American countries and UK related WP work regulations, so apologies if wrong on that.

{Ed002's Note - Serbia is a canditate, the UK is backing out, line remains as I have explained it and if he does not get game time he might be able to walk away for free and regardless he could certainly have his WP withdrawn.}

9.) 13 Jan 2018
13 Jan 2018 14:08:37
Ok Ed, thanks.