25 Dec 2017 19:24:58
eds thank you for all your hard work and all the best. Also we have a Brazilian boy called Allan who keeps going out on loan because of work permits. Do you think he will be good enough to play for LFC or just another lost cause. Plus you keep telling people to try the search engine for players. Tell this old timer how.

{Ed002's Note - I very much doubt he has a future with Liverpool I am afraid.}

1.) 25 Dec 2017
25 Dec 2017 20:34:47
Is that cos of ability or work permit.

{Ed002's Note - He would need a case for an exemption to be agreed for a WP, and I very much doubt he is in the plans.}

2.) 25 Dec 2017
25 Dec 2017 22:47:17
It's late and I understand if you don't want to answer Ed2. But I have a question and it's been bugging me for some time now, why is it, hardly none of our youngsters get their chance? I don;t understand it, we have had some top quality youngsters the past few years and we still do yet the vast majority of them don't seem to get their chances with us? I don't understand why, I'd love to know your opinion about why they aren't getting their chances?

{Ed002's Note - It is not a Liverpool thing. Thing of a pyramid of Ferrero Rocher and the one at the top is the first team and the layer at the bottom is the Under 16s or whatever. Year on year the number that are “potentials” first team squad players diminishes, there are always a bunch of players but the “cream” of those is numerically reducing and some will be let go and have good careers with other sides, some will even make it with PL sides - and some will like the other Ed’s end up as humble chimney sweeps and florists. This is true at the highest tiers of football across Europe, even considering the great youth set ups at Ajax and the like. Not a Liverpool problem but perhaps a constraint - as the club are yet to create a system that facilitates the most likely of the youngsters to have the club produce a development plan toward making it at the highest level. At Liverpool a few make it through to get their shot at the first team. Less so at some sides and more so at others. A fix is needed long term. Great question. Thanks.}

3.) 25 Dec 2017
25 Dec 2017 23:35:44
Great answer 002 merry christmas.

4.) 25 Dec 2017
25 Dec 2017 23:43:10
Very interesting reply Ed2, I like good knowledge and your full of excellent knowledge, thank you for sharing what you know. I thank you sir. I hope your Christmas has been a good one.

5.) 26 Dec 2017
26 Dec 2017 07:10:09
If you type "Allan" insearch you're more likely to get a bunch of posts rrlated to lALLANa lol.

6.) 26 Dec 2017
26 Dec 2017 13:20:10
We are friends with a family in Madrid whose son started with the Real Madrid academy aged 6 and he's still there aged 14. So he's doing well but as they say the photo of the kids who started together gets smaller each year.

7.) 27 Dec 2017
27 Dec 2017 09:23:19
Ultimately though isn't that the natural process of an academy. You start with who shows potential at 7 or 8. Then some of those will prove to not be as good as first seemed. You follow that through the ages some will have attitude weaknesses, some will have been early developers physically who look better to start with, you'll find other kids who are later developers who come through then. Plus in order to run a team in each age group you need a full squad, but that doesn't mean they are all up to scratch just that they are the best you can find to support the few really good ones. Ultimately why would you want to have a load of players come through each year. That would mean constant change and disruption. I would guess most clubs would settles for 1 or 2 from each batch being up to squad standard and making a bit of money back on a few others. I would think or hope that a lot of the coaches who have worked with them would just be happy to see the lads they rate have a career somewhere. Being paid to play at any level is still on the top 5% or so. the one that frustrates me is when a manager comes in from abroad and starts stacking the proper academy, the 16-18 level, with kids from their own country or one they have worked in a lot and give the impression they haven't been in the door 5 seconds and were always planning on doing it. Anyway that's just my opinion.