1.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 14:41:47
I wish Good luck to him, Klopp doesn't seem to know where to play him half the time. He will be a great signing for Juventus and add some youth to their ageing team. Great potential and Future Captain of his national team I bet.

2.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 15:21:36
He should retire Henderson to the bench or even better leave him at Melwood and play Can through the middle where he is more effective.

3.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 18:10:49
Can will be a big loss imo ed mate. Do you think we will look to bring another one in with him and Couts off? All beit Keita arriving I can't see him happy with Hendo Lallana and Keita. ?

{Ed001's Note - yes I would expect another in.}

4.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 18:39:25
Goretzka ed?

Perfect like for like replacement for can, probably better tbh.

{Ed002's Note - No not Goretzka.}

5.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 20:21:18
Can hasn't signed a contract because he knows Klopp isn't convinced by him.



6.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 22:30:03
Can is crap and is lucky to have got so many games.

Ok. he is a very average player if not crap.

Never thought I would say this as I liked him initially but it is what it is. But the fans here think he is next best to sliced bread and future captain.

We have a squad of mediocre players and he is there at the bottom.

From an attitude and behaviour stand point seems to be a very good person.

Will he take us to next level? sadly no.


7.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 00:02:36
I think crap is a bit harsh as you say Sami but I don’t know why people say he’s any better than Hendo. He has good games but doesn’t seem to have the discipline or tactical nouse to be a top player. That may come but for the moment he shouldn’t be in our first eleven when everyone’s fit. He will be a good player but not a great player. Good luck to the lad I hope it goes well for him.

8.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 08:19:02
I think as soon as lallana is fit, that will spell the end of can starting games. Could also go a long way to stabalising out midfield, with him and coutinho infront of a deep lying Henderson.

9.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 08:39:31
Having Henderson sitting in midfield will never happen, he leaves us wide open, never holds the position of a cdm.

10.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 09:28:19
I know where your coming from LancasterRed but we all know how much klopp loves Lallana and he wants coutinho up there too so that means hendo will be shoehorned in deeper.

11.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 10:27:49
i have said it many time Can isn't fit to wear the red shirt. he has a good game in 10. he has no game awareness he loses runners he turns into trouble and the only time he wins the ball is when he has initially lost it in the first place. Stop looking through red tinted spectacles he wouldn't get in another top six side in fact he wouldn't get in the blue noses side. We need to sort our transfer policy out and accept we can't financially compete with the Mancs, Citah and Chealski. We are no longer dining from the top table with players but Can is far from even being at any table he is average at best.

{Ed002's Note - We get it - rather than trolling posts where decent fans are asking sensible questions just go to the hate post that has been set up for you to spew your bile Can on the banter page. One wonders why any player would even think about joining Liverpool with so many awful fans.}