08 Oct 2017 09:42:14
‪Liverpool have undergone another shake-up of their medical department with the sacking of Head of Physiotherapy Andy Renshaw.

1.) 09 Oct 2017
09 Oct 2017 03:53:56
Hey you guys! Forget the physios, what about scrutinising our inept scouting, our regressive goalkeeper coaching, our defensive coaches?
Open your friggin eyes! 😡🤡😩.

2.) 14 Oct 2017
14 Oct 2017 16:00:34
Why are the Scots inept? They may not be the best but spotting players is their job if their bosses think the player is inadequate or if the purchase isn't likely then they can't do anything about it. Besides a lot of the time scouts are asked to look for certain things, positions, attributed, attitude etc, remember sterling was sold on pace alone!

3.) 15 Oct 2017
15 Oct 2017 22:18:39
jblp - we had one centre back target over the summer. One! The same player who was playing in Scotland 2 years ago. He was signed for about one tenth or less than what we offered.
Where were the scouts when he left Celtic? Why haven't the scouts identified alternatives?
Our recruitment is awful and recruitment starts with the scouts. QED the scouts are inept.