05 Oct 2017 10:13:56
Question for Ed2, Can is free to sign a pre contract from January. Has Bayern showed any interest in the player lately mate? Renato Sanchez has been terrible and I don't see him featuring in Bayern side again! They desperately need someone to sit infront of their back 4 with the departure of Alonso. Can is young and free. He would welcome a return back to his native?

Thanks Mate.

{Ed002's Note - No, the interest is from Juventus who will look to either buying him for a lower amount in January or look to a pre-contract agreement with Can.}

1.) 05 Oct 2017
05 Oct 2017 10:41:04
Thanks mate.

2.) 05 Oct 2017
05 Oct 2017 20:36:06
Do u think it's a problem in a squad too have players the other players must know want to leave an are eventually going too leave i. e emre can an coutihno it's not a good vibe I think or example too current players, I am jus asking do u think it effects the team jus seems our morale down.

{Ed002's Note - Can wants to play at the highest level and play on a regular basis - that is not an option at Liverpool. Players are transients that come and go - Keita will arrive in the summer. Stuff, nothing else.}

3.) 05 Oct 2017
05 Oct 2017 21:43:18
Can is not a defensive midfielder.

4.) 05 Oct 2017
05 Oct 2017 22:40:03
Ok thanx I am jus asking cos it's an unsettling influence in my opinion cos u don't know how commited the player is who plotting too move, I would like too think full squad is commited in an ideal world.

5.) 06 Oct 2017
05 Oct 2017 23:05:43
Ed 2 when u say stuff nothing else do u mean sod can keita is a much better player.

{Ed002's Note - I am not entirely sure I understand the question. I was not however proposing to perform an unnatural act on either of them. I am not a Liverpool supporter - why would I?}

6.) 06 Oct 2017
06 Oct 2017 12:39:45
Do u like sheep, unnatural acts included.

{Ed002's Note - I like alpacas.}

7.) 06 Oct 2017
06 Oct 2017 18:42:50
Smart answer ed knew u had taste.