1.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 08:37:49
Over-rated, over-priced and couldn't hack it when at a big club (Spurs) - I would be far from pleased if he became Coutinho's replacement.

2.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 08:35:39
Ed25 cracks me up.

3.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 08:37:17
I said surround him with better players Ed025 😂
Think he could be the making of the blues mate.

{Ed025's Note - hes someone we are desperate for jimble we are very predictable at the moment and everything seems to go through rooney, he is a quality player and scores as well mate..

4.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 08:38:32
Tranmere have 50 million pounds to throw around Ed025? That's news to me.

{Ed025's Note - they dont have 50 quid unfortunately IB, silky gylfi will be donning the iconic blue shirt this week and will fulfill every schoolboys dream...to run on the hallowed turf of goodison to the theme of z cars..

5.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 08:58:04
Shame if someone blows 50 million quid on Gylfi. Silky Gylfi only shows up for dead ball situations, the rest of the time he is crappy Gylfi.

6.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 08:55:56
Tranmere's financial situation is indeed unfortunate Ed025. Everton would have no chance if it was down to the player and his ambitions.
Lets be honest, any player would choose to play for Merseyside's 2nd team (Tranmere) rather than settle for a career low Everton.

{Ed025's Note - you underestimate the peoples club me thinks IB, now that could well come back and bite you on the arse mate..

7.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 08:56:03
Ed25 has had a heavy night on the pop.

{Ed025's Note - dont tell me you were in woolton last night kloppcat and seen me dancing on tables singing "if you know your history" mate?

8.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 09:07:12
The people's club Ed025? By people, do u mean "White walkers" by any chance?

{Ed025's Note - like it or not IB we are the club of the people, we are every supporters second team as well..its happy days mate..

9.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 09:28:14
Haha I like the optimism Ed25. Can you please bottle and send me some for the upcoming season.

{Ed025's Note - its in the post mate..

10.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 09:31:20
No disrespect Ed but why is a member of the "peoples club" answering questions about LFC transfer rumours? Surely it'd make sense to have a true reds fan answering our queries rather than a bitter blue?

{Ed025's Note - im not bitter at all mate, i edit a lot of the sites and am available at the moment to answer and edit posts so that viewers are not waiting for too long, if its a problem though i can stop..

11.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 10:45:34
Gylfi would be a great signing. for Everton. For us, a SIGnificant step down. Insigne please, Liverpool - make it happen!

12.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 10:45:37
Ed25 and Ed2 are perfect for this forum as they don't support Liverpool and say it like it is.

13.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 10:23:06
I like Ed025 answering the questions, he doesn't say what we want to hear and a bit of banter between us and the bitters is always healthy. Keep up the good work 25.

14.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 10:36:19
Mane1nil, its an lfc page but there aren't enough Eds to edit only for their own supported clubs- the Eds all support different clubs, and I know all the regular posters and readers will agree with me in saying that Ed025 is a top bloke.

Lets not disrespect the guy, because he is kind enough to give up hours of his life each day to edit posts for a rival club.

Save the talk about "bitters" for those other pages where everyone talks s**te (especially the Eds) - the price for getting very good info on this page is that we have a bit of respect for the Eds, and that's more than fair enough.

15.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 10:40:56
I think Ed001 is the only red anyway? Be a bit quiet on her eif only fans replied. Besdides, 025 isn't all bad!

16.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 10:51:41
I'd take Ed025 over any other editor Mane1nil. Fun banter, he made kids who are Reds too. What else do u want?
And most importantly he supports a club that is not threat to LFC so u can pull his leg whenever u want.

17.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 12:24:08
A guy who offers most of his value through set pieces, doesn't create many chances from open play compared to his peers, now has no big unit up front to aim for. £50 mil I'll not lose too much sleep over his move to the blues! :P.

18.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 11:08:31
Please ignore mane1nil's post ed.

Your opinion is widely appreciated. Even if it is wrong ;)

{Ed025's Note - being wrong sometimes is part of the job smp, well so the other eds tell me as im never wrong mate...cheers..

19.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 12:37:05
Ed25 is great. I like his sense of humour which you need to be an Everton fan. I reckon he's morphing into a red. Can't you see how much he likes our company. don't worry Ed we'll help you fulfil your lifelong ambitions to be a red.

{Ed025's Note - that will never happen RS, my blood is blue mate and although i enjoy the banter with you guys my loyalty is unwavering..

20.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 13:50:42
Tbh I like Ed25 and Ed02 responses to us. Not taking anything away from ED01 you're still mint don't worry Ed. It's just nice to get an opinion from people that are not reds fans. And Ed25 and ED02 play the good cop bad cop roll so well haha :)

21.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 14:36:35
I think all the Eds complement each other very well. If only our defence was so well put together. Best footy site on the internet lads. Well done!

22.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 14:23:19
I agree with ed025, (not zbout Everton being on the way up) siggurson was one of stand out players last season. I think he's fantastic. He can cause any team problems with his delivery. He was the player I was hopin wed sign after top four finish. Having said that, I have to admit, I haven't watched him for 90 minutes that often and blue kev called him a luxury on focus and I don't know if liverpool style of play can carry a luxury through 90 minutes. With pace of mane salah and Gylfi creativity I think we'd be v dangerous on the attack. I think klopp could turn him into a very good player. Note for ed025. Rooney was very good yesterday mate, cannot believe utd let him go. Jose and his ego.

{Ed025's Note - i have to admit superred that i did not want wayne, but he is doing fine at the moment mate..

23.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 15:01:10
Problem is that Everton will get there man, he is almost there, ha house hunting I have heard,
and we will not get our man, we should have moved by now, yes, we did have two big targets, but the penny is taking a very long time to drop, and we lose out, and then fighting for top for again, might not happen this time, yesterday had some good moments, but way too many bad ones for me .

24.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 15:07:08
It is not unusual for players to find their feet when the drop down a level or two.

{Ed002's Note - They don't need to drop down, looking down should be enough to find their feet.}

25.) 13 Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017 15:37:33
I don't think there is a team in England that would not benefit from having rooney.

Going forward liverpool are fine, better than fine, brilliant. The main issue with losing Phil, imo, is simply a matter of depth. We need the numbers and any new addition has to be quality. Phil can cover thre/ four positions so we need some one who can do likewise. Personally I think we should take Dennis suarez and gomes plus 70/ 80 mil if we can get it. In fact, we'd be mad not to. Even those two plus 50mil.

Right, get ready to thumbs down. I think pc is over rated. He is nowhere near messi Ronaldo bale suarez level. I'd be much more concerned if it were mani or even lallana who were off. PC shows pure class AT TIMES. He is not consistent enough and gets bullied out of games. If he could produce that magic week in and week out then you could justify the 130 mil price tag. If we can get TWO players who WANT to be here then go for it. Swaps may be the only way we can get any signings in. We all know it is not about the money. 80 mil 150 mil, our ability to get major deals over the line is. What can we do with the money when we get it?

Any cbs we sign should be made to take an intelligence test! Whenever we see lovren on camera he is always knocking about with the youngsters. I'm convinced he is an idiot. Matip is too quiet and therein lies the problem.